Wife is cheating and I love it

So I started a job 8 months ago working 3rd shift. Pays a hell of a lot more. Wife said she was cool with it because we would be able to afford better things. Unfortunately our sex life has suffered. I work 6 till 4am. Sleep during the day. We went from sex 2-3 times a week to once a week. Sometimes once every other week.

So last week I was at work. One of the lines went down and we weren't going to be able to finish so we got sent home. So I left and got home around midnight. When I got home there was a second car in the driveway. I walked in and headed to the bedroom. Door was open but thats nothing new. Walked in and my wife was fucking her friend Sarah. On one hand, it was the hottest thing I've ever seen seeing my wife 69ing a smoking hot friend of hers. On another hand, i had asked if she had ever wanted to have sex with another woman and she said she wasn't interested in women.

So I loudly put my keys on the dresser. Both turned and saw me. Wife says, "Holy shit. Honey! What are you doing home?" I said, "Plant got sent home early. Gonna have to work Saturday to make up production. Question is...why are you and Sarah having sex?" She said, "Well, the reason should be obvious. To have an orgasm." I said, "How long has this been going on?" She said, "Like 3 weeks after you started thirds."

Keep in mind they are still naked. Still fooling around a bit. I said, "Wouldn't this be cheating?" She said, "I mean if you really want to be a dick about it. Would you rather me have sex with Sarah or should I start asking Mike (a friend of hers) if he wants to fuck me instead. I'm horny and your at work. Go take a shower and get something to eat. Let us finish up and when you come back, you can fuck me in the ass."

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  • When I found out my wife was cheating I wasn't at all shocked.On my part our sex life had diminished and I also worked away.She just took matters into her own hands.In the end it was the spice our sex life needed.So nowadays I join my wife and her big dicked friend.I normally kneel over my wife so she can suck me off and hold her legs open for her to get fucked harder.

  • She should have been up front with you about Sarah. It sounds like you have no problem with it anyway, but she should have said, "Is it okay if I have sex with Sarah while you are away?" IMO, it's a bit of a problem that she was doing this behind your back.

    When you fuck her in the ass, do it EXTRA HARD.

  • So would you let her fuck Mike then?

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