I know it's weird

I have on multiple occasions paid prostitutes to jerk me off into my own face and mouth. I love when they are done and call me names. Recently I was able to meet a younger one and she really got off on it. She asked if I could let her do it in front of some of her friends. I agreed and we met them at a park. I have never cum so hard , having 4 girls between 18 and 21 watching was my pinnacle. Then hearing the things they said to me after made me hard enough to cum again.

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  • I wish that was me I get off when people are whatcha me

  • I only pick up hookers wearing boots and pay them to let me lick them and have them rub the leather over my face as i wank off. i also pay extra to cum on them and ask then to leave them on covered in cum as i drop them off and they walk to their next punter

  • Maybe not so weird but I have a bucket list wish to get buttfucked for the first time. I’m 65 and in my youth sucked cock like a pro. We tried buttfucking but didn’t understand lube or even spit so could never penetrate the anus, only push against it. Oh well I’m older with a very stretched out asshole from years of having my wife peg me and using rubber dicks as well.
    I just hope I get around to it as a real cock has to feel better than a rubber one.

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