I lost

My husband and I were betting on who would go to the Stanley cup finals this year, we both wrote down what the other would have to do if they lost. I knew his was going to be something to do with sex but I was still willing to take the chance because if I won he had to do all my house chores until the season started up again.
I opened his envelope up and sure enough it was something sexual, I looked at him and told him he was so predictable it was pathetic. I told him that I knew it was going to be him getting a daily blow or hand job because that is all he ever thinks about.

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  • I was mad at my husband one time for betting me on a game, we were fighting all day about cleaning the house for when his friends came over, and then I hear him say well I'm all out but I'll put my wife in. I was so pissed I started yelling, after a few minutes going back and fourth he said he was kidding and that it was a joke, I told him well I'm serious if you lose this hand I'll let them fuck me in our bed. Well needless to say he lost, and I fucked 2 of his friends the other 2 got up and left like a bunch of pussies. And I made him watch

  • Is there a time limit, or do you just have to give him a daily hand job/blowjob until one of you croaks?

  • Until the next season starts.

  • I’d bet the same thing.

  • You can throw one in for me too 😂

  • Why didn't he ask for anal?

  • Oh, he knows that is always off the table of choices.

  • Maybe with him, he's not doing it right you will with me

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