My New Friend

Hello, firstly I should tell you that I'm a gay male and live in the UK and secondly that I am retired and single as my partner passed away three years ago.
Earlier this week I was sitting at our local coffee shop at one of the tables outside enjoying my drink and scanning the newspaper, when a lovely lady asked if she could join me. When I looked up and more closely I could see that she was about 30'ish, rather strange looking and dressed as a doll, in a short white flouncy summery dress, full petticoat and an ribbon tying her hair in an enormous bow.
At first I thought someone was having a joke but still I invited her to sit down and join me and asked her if I could buy her a drink or something. She said yes, a coffee and we ordered one from the waitress.
I had already noticed that there was something different in the way this lady spoke, slightly husky and her face was very full of make-up. We got talking and very soon I could see that she was probably "Trans" and seemed slightly backward, but none the less very attractive but so "doll-like".
We chatted away about all sorts of things and some quite intimate, her name was Amanda and she was "Trans" but hadn't fully transitioned and I told her i was gay and found her very attractive!! Eventually I discovered that we didn't live far from each other. After finishing our drinks I asked her if I could walk her home as it was on my way and she said she would very much like that. I have to say that I felt rather conspicuous walking with her and even more so when she held my hand as we walked along, but I also felt sexually aroused.
We arrived at her house and she invited me in as she lived on her own and was rather lonely, I couldn't refuse and said I also lived alone and felt rather lonely myself. We entered her hallway and she shut the front door, turned to face me and I asked if I could kiss her and she threw her arms around my neck and sort of wrapped herself around me. I was in bliss!!
We kissed and kissed, I slipped my hand under her dress and petticoat, felt her erection in her silky knickers and caressed it, she had a big penis and it was excited as I could feel it erect and throbbing, she backed against the wall lifted her dress as I got on my knees, I took her gorgeous penis out of her silky knickers, held her stockinged legs and took her throbbing erection into my mouth and sucked. Amanda ejaculated almost immediately and lots of it and I swallowed it all. I stood up, held her close and told her she was a very naughty girl and I loved it and kissed her. Then she asked me to take her to bed.
Readers; If you would like to hear part 2 of my fabulous week, then tell me.
Randy Robin

1 month ago

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    • Ladies with cocks should be given truncheons and special uniforms and then allowed to smash shop windows of those who would oppose the New Order. Those who do not accept the New Order will be publicly flogged and sodomized.

    • More fake shit! There is no such thing as a lady with a cock! That is pure bull shit! Only men with tits and dressed in women's clothes!

    • That's just a different way of stating the same thing. It doesn't make it "fake".

    • It is a fake woman so it does make it fake!

    • Are you mentally retarded? It's a woman, like every woman. Stop watching Alex Jones.

    • Let’s hear the rest

    • Part 2,
      I just adored watching Amanda going up the stairs, her little white dress and flouncy petticoat wafting away from her white silky knickers covering that gorgeous bottom. We went into a bedroom, very feminine and she asked me if I liked it, I said I did and took hold of her pulling her close, we kissed, she was really passionate and I began to wonder what I was getting involved with, but I was so aroused and she was so sexy.
      We backed towards the bed and she pulled me down onto it and we lay there kissing while I caressed her stockinged legs and slipped my hand into her knickers. "Do you want me to fuck you" I whispered and Amanda answered "please, but be gentle".
      We got undressed, I loved watching her climbing out of her dress as I stripped naked and then as she stepped out of her petticoat, Amanda was certainly a very feminine young man.
      She pulled the duvet back and clambered in and I watched as she lay there in her knickers stockings and bra and felt wonderful as she admired my erect manhood. I got in and lay beside her pulling her over to me and I felt her trap my penis between her thighs and under the gusset of her silky knickers, I nearly ejaculated I was so aroused. "Let's make love slowly Amanda" I said "I want it to last" and we kissed and caressed and rolled around under the duvet together, feeling each other's excitement until she said "are you ready I want you in me"!!
      I knelt, threw the duvet off and pulled her knickers down and off her legs, "I want to make love to you with you facing me" and lay Amanda on her back and spread her legs and lifted them, she looked perfect, her erect penis and her willing bottom facing my jerking erection. Her legs now gripping me and as she whimpered "fuck me Robin please!!" I lowered my self gently holding my erection with one hand and felt my penis touch her anus and she shuddered and closed her eyes and I felt the heat of her anus as I pushed in and then she opened her eyes and then we made love.

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