I shared her

Right after my divorce I met a girl named Kim. Small country town where the white girls are cute and well built. She had known me as I used to Coach her little sister. She really wanted nothing more than to have a night with me. I wasn’t totally ready to start dating again and my weight lifting kept me busy. We wound up going out and having sex the first night. I loved her perky tits but mostly her thick perfect ass. One night after going out and drinking Kim i decided I wanted to take her anal. Unfortunately it didn’t work out but as I was fucking her I told her I wanted to see her take a much bigger cock. It was obvious she liked that idea.
I was just flirting with it and really didn’t expect her reaction. After searching the net I came across a guy in San Antonio so I agreed to talk to him and he was more than excited to meet Kim. She had no idea who I was setting her up with, race, age. I finally selected the River Walk and only I knew his measurements etc.
We were both excited when we were at supper. He was to meet us at a nearby bar later on. About 10:30 we had already drank a few margaritas and taken a few shots when he walked in. When Kim saw how tall young and handsome he was she kept blushing. Everyone was nervous but I noticed she couldn’t keep her eyes off him. When we went to back to our room he seemed a lot taller than 6’5! I suggested they both sit on the bed and chat it up. Shortly after making drinks they were locked in a kiss. Her hands on his ass and him unbuttoning her blouse.
I could tell he was going to be good.
After getting him down to his pants it was obvious how big he was when Kim just stops and looks at me. She cannot believe how big he is so I pretty much tell her to pretend I’m not there.. be herself like she just met him and brought him home.
Guys... they way he made love to her which including kissing, fingering and eating I thought I had known it all.
Her pussy was dripping wet. Literally soaking wet. As he got in front of her to insert it in I told him a want to video it going inside. It took him forever to get all 10.5 inches in her so I stopped filming.
After a while they were riding each other and Kim finally acknowledged that as came so many times she gave up at 5
I watched as he made deep long strokes and her cum was so thick on his cock first time I just cleaned it with a rag. Next time I just dove down and started eating her clean then pushing him to finish her.
I had warned Craig I might want to clean it up and without asking I started suckin him clean. I couldn’t hold back his cock was the hottest thing I had ever seen. So huge and balls hanging low. He had just fucked Kim better than she ever had and I wanted to thank him. He continued to let me suck but after a while I gave up.. it was too huge for my mouth, After he got dressed he agreed to meet us closer to home. I couldn’t hold back as soon as he left I got on top of Kim and started to pump. She felt way.... too loose. I just got down and started to eat her clean and before long she was coming. All I’m here to say if your woman has a nice thick round ass... you ain’t doing anything if you have less than 7
Kim is proof women like that are built for big cock and need and want it

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  • I am 5' tall and weigh 105 lbs. I also love huge dicks. I don't think it has anything to do with being thick just with how certain women are built. I can take a 12" dildo all the way inside of me with no problem. I have has several lovers that were huge, long and very thick, and I was able to take them all the way. Some women are not able to do this but some of us lucky girls can. My husband is only 5" long and average girth and he still says I have the tightest vagina he has ever had. I will only take on a lover if he is at least 10" long and he mist be very thick. My hubby knows this and let's me do what I want and need.

  • You sound like a lucky wife and a great couple

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