Husband wanted me to cheat

My husband has been asking me for years to sleep with other men. Well I finally did it and now I can't stop. I finally gave in about year ago and slept with one of husband's buddies while my husband watched. Since then I have been with several different men. Some my husband knows about but now I love doing it without him knowing. As soon as he leaves for work I find myself dressing up in something sexy and going out to try and find a hookup. Nothing turns me on more than a random guy flirting with me and it turns to sex. I have done this at least a dozen times now and I just can't stop thinking of other men. My mind just takes control and I need to have a man inside me. My newest turn on is to let them have sex with me unprotected and let them cum inside of me. Then I have sex with my husband that night to see if he noticed anything. So far he hasn't said a word. He still encourages me to sleep around so he can watch but he doesn't know the monster he has created when he goes to work.

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  • You need to roll it back a little. A part of being a good hotwife is being loyal and respectful of your husband, and wanting his cock more than any others. I'm not saying your cravings are wrong, but re-calibrate and keep your marriage together. If you don't check yourself, you will fall for one of these guys and it's going to lead to divorce. Please, just be a good hotwife.

  • I began cheating on my husband over a year ago.I think he had suspected sometime after because I found him masturbating while sniffing/licking my knickers.I have unprotected sex with my lover,I'm on birth control and trust him.I come home with my pussy leaking of his cum.My hubby usually finds my soiled knickers while I shower.On a few occasions I've got home late and didn't clean up,then I've been awoken in the night by my husband eating my pussy out.At first I protested but I couldn't stop him and it turned me on so I let him carry on.Now I let him eat me as soon as I come home.

  • I am in the same situation. My husband begged me to have sex with a black guy I work with. I did give in and we had sex. He has a very large penis and now I am unable to have an orgasm with my husband. I can only achieve an orgasm now by being stretched and filled with a large dick. My lover is now allowed to come over whenever I want sex so he can please me. My husband sleeps in the other room on the nights my lover is at our house.

  • I was put in a similar situation right after graduating College. My boyfriend was the same. He asked about some of the guys I had previously slept with and I told him about a guy we both know named Allen that turned out to be extremely endowed. He would always question how it felt and how well he used it. Then one night he asked me what he wanted for his Birthday was for me to hook up with Allen again. I told him that was possible but I found him not Allen the only guy I desired to have sex with and that Allen was pure sexual. I even went as far as to tell him once you get something that big and good it’s almost impossible to just stop.He was at the point of begging so I once again found him on Facebook. We went out for drinks and later I felt the easiness so I started thinking about how different the sex was between the two were. We had sex almost the entire night and Allen’s cock made me feel like somehow I came out of my body. It was wonderful how hard and how many times I came. On the ride home I didn’t want to tell him about how great it was... I wanted those feelings all to myself. I didn’t give him what he wanted to hear how could I ?
    It felt to wonderful to be filled up completely by his huge cock. Just a very few days I couldn’t stop thinking of Allen and how he made my pussy climax over and over. We secretly met up again, then again. I wanted his cock once again more than anything .Sex with my boyfriend did nothing. I tried and tried but it felt like nothing .I knew having sex with Allen would be hard to stop again but it wasn’t me that wanted to wake up that urge.
    We now meet every Friday after lunch and have sex until it’s time for me to go go home. There you go

  • Please tell us more.

  • You are my dream wife

  • Very exciting story, love it

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