Hi, my name is Frances. I am 35 now and I have this little fetish for piss. I am bisex and I like to indulge my fetish especialy with girls.
I remember this.
On Sunday with my sister, mom and dad I used to go by sea on my dad’s boat. It was a nice wooden boat with a small cabin and a lot of place for mom to sunbathe. Usually dad drove the boat to small coves and we swam there, ate something mom prepared at home, took a lot of sun and came back in the afternoon.
That Sunday my sister (three years older than me) wasn’t there and I was alone with dad and mom. I was maybe 11 or 12 years old. Dad drove the boat to a little cove as usually and we swam, ate and sunbathed as every summer Sunday. On the way back mom who was sunbathing topless on the deck (something she did regularly on boat) told suddenly to dad, “dear I’m dying to piss, stop the boat please”. Dad stopped the motor and when the boat was in a stationary status mom stood and quickly left her bottoms down. Standing completely naked then she started to piss offboard opening her pussy lips with her hands. I remember her golden leak splashing in the water as das watched her with a laugh. When mom was ready she smiled and said dad “I’m done. Thank you dear, I really needed to piss.”
She stretched again on the deck (completely naked now) as dad drove the boat to port. There mom covered hed body with a sarong and we came back home. For the first time I went sexually aroused.

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  • "Dear I need to piss" the words dear and piss do not go together.
    If she'd have said " dear one needs to use the ladies room" that would have sounded right. Or " Oi mate! Stop a sec I'm busting for a piss" but " dear I need to piss" nahhhhh......

  • Of all the elements that you could have taken issue with in this tale, you chose to challenge the authenticity of the story on the basis of the recalled phrase, "Dear I need to piss" - Are you f*ckin serious man !?

  • Deadly serious. The whole story is full of holes, but that phrase bothered me the most.

  • Me too.

  • Yes, and some of those holes are smelly and wet.

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