Do other women do this

I'm a white male, and I have a female friends who are also white when we are all hanging with our friends together and they eventually get into a conversation about there boyfriends cause 3 out of 4 girls I hang out with have black boyfriends. All of them tell stories how they suck the black cock and how huge he is or how great they fuck. Then the girls go on to say they all are going to stop taking their birth control so they can have a black baby.
I asked why its so important to have a black baby vs. A white or a Hispanic or Asian baby? They said having a black Mans baby is the better choice. He will have good looks and fit in with the world and the girls said us girls can get those benefits for a black baby. You don't get many benefits with a white baby.

So I'm thinking are there a lot more girls like this out there?

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  • I am a married white women. My husband got me into having sex with black men. This was three years ago and since then I have had over 20 different black men. My husband prefers for them not wear comdoms and they must cum inside of me. This is because he loves to go down on me afterward. He is hoping I get pregnant by one of them. I don't get why but hey who am I to complain. I get fucked all the time by big dicks and he does all the cleanup!

  • Total utter nonsense. My Afro American husband support me and our six children just fine. He is in the entertainment business. He's faithful loyal kind and loving. He is a wonderful father and husband. He even takes care of my elderly mother and she loves him also. She taught me the color of your skin doesn't matter. I didn't marry him for the size of his penis or cause of his color. I married him because he has a great heart and he's funny and everything you could want in a partner. It really disturbs me to hear people say such mean and nasty things about people they don't know. You are just hateful mean nasty person. Watch out for karma it's a bitch. Plus with all that hate inside of you just remember it's taking years off your life. ZEN!

  • Reasons to NOT get knocked up by a Negroid:
    #1: It is not natural to interbreed outside of your species, just like dogs and cats, monkeys and sheep, rats and chickens; some species are just not made to breed with each other.
    #2: Negroids will NOT stick around to support or help raise your child. Even if they do stay with you, it is only because they do not have a job, and they will expect you to support them as well as your half breed child.
    #3: 90% of all Negroids are drug addicts and/or alcoholics.
    #4: 80% of Negroids are infected with at least one STD, including the Aids virus. Negroids are also unable to be in a monogamous relationship. They behave much like wild baboons or monkeys that are constantly running around fucking any female that bends over in front of them. Why in the fuck would you want to risk infecting yourself with a disease that could kill you?
    There are literally too many reasons to list, so just find yourself a good Whiteman, buy him a huge strap-on dong if he's hung like a midget, and take some pride in your race and shit out a few White babies.

  • Ignorant.

  • Obviously a black fucked your girl before.

  • Black cocks are nowhere near as hard as white men. Fact. They are almost flaccid.

  • Lol now that’s funny.

  • What a horrible story. You get pregnant by a black man and that loser is gone.
    You can find him unemployed, smoking weed and living with his mom. Laziest fucks in the world collecting food stamps and selling weed. Don’t forget they’re dumb as shit.

  • Lots of jealous ✏️ dicks on here.

  • Not me! I love making white babies for white men

  • So all these white girls are talking about doin' their hung black studs ... yet this comes from a white microdick apparent. Anyone else smell the irony?

    This guy is soliciting masturbation material for sure!

  • Nailed it

  • Why would white girls wanna raise the baby by her self ? you know you can’t tie a nigga down. Get off the drugs with your made up thoughts

  • I hope not. Not because they might prefer black men but because they sound lazy and deranged for wanting to have a baby to get the dole. What useless cunts.

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