My morning ritual

I have always woke up with an erection for as long as I can remember and when I was a teenager I would stroke it off just about every morning. These days I am in a post kids, early retirement and a wife who never wants to do anything with my cock phase of my life.
I wake up really early still, about an hour before she does, so I am the chief coffee maker. I put a little extra cream in her coffee cup just about every morning and every now and then I put as many as I can in there for her to sip on, my current personal best is five shots. It blends right into her cream and so far after about three years of drinking my sperm most mornings I have heard no complaints from her about the flavor.

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  • Going to give my daughter a taste of dad's cum not sure to put it in a drink or food either way I'll be turned on having her eat my cum x

  • Haha

  • My bf used to do this right in front of me. I’d suck him hard, then he’d finish himself off in my coffee. If I made a sandwiches, I’d suck him hard while he ate, then he’d open the bread on my sandwich and cum on it. It’s a good was to assert dominance. I loved it. Food doesn’t taste right without it.

  • Love it! My wife has low sex drive and rejects me constantly. She doesn't drink coffee so I make sure to bust a nut on her toothbrush at least 3 times a week :)

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