Bad mom

Last night my son Dillon and I fell asleep watching a movie. I woke up about 1am and much to my surprise found him with his dick hanging out of his boxers. I was intrigued to find out that he shaved his pubes. I slowly reached over and put my hand on him. He let out a little sigh but didn't wake up. I rolled over a little and started to rub him. He got hard right away. This made me very wet. His dick wasn't very big but it was thick. I sneaked out of the bed and grabbed some lotion from the bathroom. When I got back to the bed I noticed he had his hand on his dick. I got back into the bed and put some lotion in my hand. I let it stay in my hand until it was warm then put some on the tip of his dick. I moved his hand up and started guiding him to rub himself. He started to wake up and seemed a little out of it. I told him everything was okay and just closed his eyes. He took his hand off and I took over. I didn't stop until he came. I used the sheets to wipe him off and pulled them over me. I wanted to taste it but just having his cum all over me seemed bad enough. This morning we didn't talk about it

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  • Does Dillon ever wake up when you're still asleep? If so, you may feel him fingering your pussy soon. At that point it will be time for some serious fucking. I know you want it. "Oh Dillon! Oh Mother! Oh Dillon! Oh Mother!

  • You need to get your son hard again, but be naked so you can easily get on his cock. Ride him cowgirl so if he wakes up he can squeeze you tits and suck your nipples if you lean forward. Ride him good mom, ride him hard, and take his cum deep in your pussy.

  • I don't think you are a bad mom for doing what you did. I wish my Mom would have started jacking me off. Have you considered giving him some of your panties to jack-off in. I started sneaking mom's panties when I was in 5th grade, and I still wear them today. Don't stop. Keep on with him and then start letting him have access to your body whenever he wants.

  • Nice. Describe your self to us

  • An unemployed fat, greasy, man with twisted fantasies.

  • Living in his parents basement.

  • & has other unemployed friends who live in their parents’ basements as references on his resume.

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