My girlfriend literally just "gave" me to her friend

I've been dating this girl for a few months now. She told me going in she was bi and wouldn't be exclusive with me, but would see another woman too. I was okay with that.

Anyway, For the New Year holiday she and I and her female partner all spent together, and her other partner brought a friend. Her friend was this petite little fat girl if that makes sense. Barely 5' tall, chubby, maybe 225 or so. I don't know. Big boobs, soft belly, big butt. Thick thighs, etc. I've never been into fat girls but she was a little cutie.

While we were hanging out that night she mentioned she had never had anal sex and wanted to try with the right partner. My girlfriend had been clingy with her girlfriend to that point more than me, and of course we'd all had a few drinks. The pair of them immediately suggested I perform anal sex on her. At first I objected, and told her don't let them make her feel pressured. My girlfriend even told her I had smallish-penis so it would probably not hurt. That was embarrassing. Her friend told me she'd be willing to try and the next thing I know all three of them, my own girlfriend included, were pressuring me to plow this chubby girl up her ass.

So I did. I got the lotion and put it on her ass and my cock and right there bent over the sofa with my own girlfriend just feet away I put my cock in another woman. She farted on me as I put it in and my girlfriend laughed but it actually felt good. I really enjoyed how good it felt in her ass, watching her big soft ass jiggle with every thrust, hearing by girlfriend and her girlfriend cheer us on, hearing her grunt and moan. She made me cum in her ass and had left a little poop on me when I pulled out. We both rushed off to the bathroom together to clean up and she hugged me and told me thanks.

At midnight my girlfriend kiss her friend and I kissed the fat girl. A few days later my girlfriend announced to me that she and I were through, and she wanted to pursue things with her girlfriend and I now was the fat girl's boyfriend. Despite liking fit girls (my ex and her girlfriend are insanely fit) I was actually okay with being handed off like that to a fat girl. We are actually thriving together and the sex is amazing. The four of us have gone on dates together and still hang out. It's sort of crazy how this has happened. I wouldn't have chosen to be with a fat girl on my own, but now I'm glad I am.

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  • Had a girl friend who did that to me once. She and her friend were over for some drinks and some smoke. We were all stoned and it got very frisky very fast. My girl friend started talking about my dick and said she loved sucking on it before sex. With that she told her girl friend to try it and they did , before I had a chance to say anything , they had my pants down and my dick was being sucked by my girl friend and her girl friend. I was in heaven, they were working me over pretty good when my girl friend ordered me to lay on my back and she sat on my face, her friend sat on my cock and began to fuck me like a pro.
    So there I was, being made love to by 2 horny girls and loving every minute of it.
    I asked my girl friend why she shared me with her friend and her answer was she wanted to see me get fucked by another woman. She said the next time there would be another guy not a girl and I owed her one.

  • Why would you let yourself be handed off like that?

  • Are you kidding what more can a man ask for , 2 women doing you , it doesn't get much better than that.

  • Fat girls are the best.

  • Some of the best sex I have ever had was with a fat woman , she will take very good care of you in bed.

  • If you say so...

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