First, of all this is a one hundred percent true story. Yes… I was 15 stupid and a high school cheerleader. It was Friday morning and our school’s cheerleaders were doing a fund raiser at the mall when approached by most of the crosstown cheerleaders. After several sarcastic nasty words back and forth their cheer squad captain purposed a wager with Me on the championship basketball game.

Since these kind of bets have been somewhat legendary around these parts we were not backing down and asked what kind of wager. She explained, “The loser either ‘Her’ or ‘Me’ would have to do high leg kicking cheers for 15 minutes only wearing her tennies ‘which’ of course meant totally naked and finishing each cheer doing the splits. I said smart ass like, “Is that all? You’re On You Big Wimp!”

She puffs all up and yells real snotty like, “Hey… Bitch! We can raise the stakes you know!” I blurted out, “Fine… cause you’re going to lose anyway!” She says sarcastic like, “How about after the cheers ‘still naked’ the loser has to bend over and each one of the winning cheerleaders gives her a hard swat on the ass with a paddle!” All the other girls on ‘both sides’ went “Whoa!

Like a smart ass I snapped back, “Let’s make it 2 swats each.” She finger pokes my chest and yells, “Let’s make it 3 bitch!” I yelled back, “You’re On” and just like that the wager was set. The game itself was at noon the next day and the lead went back and forth the entire game. Our team had a last second shot to tie it, but it didn’t go in. I simply froze in place and thought Oh My Fucking God we lost!

The other team’s cheerleaders literally ‘ran’ across the court and handed me a paper with the location for Me to Get My Due! She said threatening like, “Be there in two hours and ‘You’ better show loser!’ I quickly said, “Don’t You worry, I’ll be there!” OMG, that was like the last place on earth I wanted to go. But I had to go if for no other reason our school’s honor, Right? At least that is what everyone kept telling me.

So, you know I was that tiny cheerleader that all the other girls threw up in the air because I was only 4’ 7” and 70 pounds. If nothing else I sure learned one big thing that day! There is no keeping something this big a secret. There was as many kids from my school as from the opposing team’s school as well as some kids from other high schools. I swear, there must have been more than 3,000 kids there.

The location was a closed ATV four-wheeler track behind a big gravel pit. It was like 4:00 in the afternoon and being February, the temp was like 40 at best. As we pulled in and I got out of the car of course still in my cheerleader outfit all the kids cheered. They lead me over to the center of the crowd and lifted me up on this hay wagon of course so everyone could clearly see me. There was no messing around, I no sooner got up there and was ordered to strip!

OMG, just taking off all of my clothes getting naked in front of all those kids was so fricking embarrassing! Not to mention with the cold weather my nipples had to be sticking out an inch. I went right into doing nude cheers constantly doing high leg kicks to my chest while my rather large twat lips flopped all around between my legs. That was pretty damn embarrassing as well specially since everyone was pointing and laughing at them flopping all around. Of course, I finished off each cheer doing the splits as agreed. My God it seemed like an hour to finish 15 minutes of nude cheers.

The other teams cheer captain got lifted on the hay wagon laughing. As she walked to me she was tapping her hand with this really big and thick wood paddle. She said, “Bitch you are going to be sorry you took this bet!” Their other 14 cheerleaders got lifted up at the far end of the hay wagon. Yes… they had 15 cheerleaders like us so that meant I was going to get 45 whacks across my bare butt, OMFG! Needless to say, I was scared to death!

Like a little smart ass I said, “Hey… its cold out here! Let’s get this over with!” Boys handed up a small wood table and girls sat it in the middle of the hay wagon. I was roughly grabbed and bent over the table. My bare ass and twat was in full view of everyone. Instantly two of the cheerleaders grabbed my wrists and stretched my arms across the table real tight. That like perched my bare butt way up. I argued about it, but no one was listening.

Before I could even take in a breath to prepare ‘Wham’ that big paddle got smacked across my ass and in the cold weather Oh My Fucking God did it ever sting! All the kids surrounding the hay wagon cheered loud and yelled Harder! A second and third whack ripped into my butt and I squealed loud. By the time the number of whacks had reached 20 tears were streaming down my cheeks and I was yelling out “Ouch” along with loud screams. All the kids were constantly yelling out Harder! Harder! And all those girls were listening because they were all whacking my butt just as hard as they could swing the paddle. Everyone, of those whacks burned my little ass like you would not believe. When I heard the count of 35 I couldn’t believe I still had 10 more whacks to take. The tears were just pouring down my cheeks when the other team’s captain gave me the last three whacks.

I really tried to hide my crying, but I couldn’t stop the tears my entire butt felt like it was totally on fire! But, at least it was over! While I was putting my clothes on the rival cheerleaders captain came up and said, “It’s cool you honored the bet! Actually no one thought you would show!” I literally could not sit down unless it was on a soft pillow for the next 5 or 6 days. By the way my nickname used to be ‘Shrimp’ but after that day my new nickname was ‘Red Ass’ and believe me my ass was a ‘Very Deep Red’! My advice to any girls reading this. Heck Yeah… takes wagers I still did. But ‘DON’T’ if they include getting whacked with a paddle. Kathy

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  • I would love to hear comments on this story

  • Holy crap the stories on this site. . . . smh

  • As humiliating as it was, can you think back to when you made the bet? Would you have made the other girl pay too?

  • YOU ARE RIGHT !!! If We had won the game. Oh Yeah... I would of made her pay off the bet too!!!

  • I mean, had you won the bet.

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