Single parent has it perks

When my wife died after childbirth my world fell apart yet at the same time was reborn, the first 6 months was the biggest struggle raising my daughter on my own, yes i had plenty of help but cherishing every moment while morning my lost was very hard. after having to give up full time work and being a full time single parent left me very little time for myself and yet amongst the baby clubs/groups i so found a new silver lining to this new life...
all the other single mothers took a great intrested in me, and being in the same situation very few have been after a relationship, and iv made it very clear my daughter comes first, however almost a year after my wife passed i let myself have some fun with one of these mothers, and 3 months later i must have slept with over twenty diffrent woman some many times, some after more, some im aftaid not so single, and the ages range from woman in their late 30s to the 18yo yummy young mummys, life it hard and exhausting with my daughter but i wind down now in my own way

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  • I got divorced at 34 and was a single mom with a 7 yo and 4 yo. I have since remarried, but dated casually for 4 years. Hands down, the best guys to meet in your 30s are single/divorced dads. They are so much more "together." The few guys who hadn't married or had kids by their mid 30s were aberrant types still living with their parents or close to it.

  • Anybody ever been in this situation? I was fucking this single mum,really getting into it,she was encouraging me to give it to her harder and so on.Then out of the corner of my eye,I notice something,her 3 year old kid is standing there.She gets up nude and carries the kid off.Im waiting there tugging for like 10 minutes til she's back.Then we have a laugh and she sucks me no problem.And we get back into it.

  • Yeah, i always visited this single mum during nap time for her kid, only onve he woke up and walked in on me doing mummy from behind pulling her hair and slapping her arse. kinda ruined it from then on. little shit

  • Haha. Didn't ruin it for me,was just kinda hot her coming back and sucking me to get me hard and then us getting back into it.The kid was too young to know what was going on.And mummy possibly kissed her kid with those lips haha.

  • I'm a 35 year old mum of 3,only ever been with 3 guys.The last one I married but we've separated because he cheated on me.Never thought that getting even with him would be something that id do.But a friend of his came round to chat and share a couple bottles of wine.He had probably wanted to make a move on me with my husband out of the picture.Well in that evening I had my fourth guy ever.He fucked me like no one ever had,saying he'd always wanted to.And I loved the sex because I really needed some good sex.Been fucking him for months now and my ex doesn't know...yet.

  • If a single mum does that she's called a slut.

  • However darling she would have heaps of male friends to select from, she would be most popular.

  • Nothing hotter than a single dad who is a good parent. I'm 23, divorced, mother of one, and find guys in similar straits to be understanding and quite lovely. I'm not looking to be in a relationship with anyone yet, but finding guys who are in a similar situation makes for good hookups. I've even done threesomes and the like, when I never thought I would. No strings attached.

  • See thats exactly what i mean, there is nothing sleazy about it, i work hard raising my daughter but feel like im loosing my identity while doing so. so to have that outlet of being me with someone who feels the same just reminds me im not just a parent.
    although not quite had the chance at a threesome, i wouldnt turn it down as long as its no strings attached of course.

  • So many women find single dads attractive and I was no different. I was married at the time and met a single father at the park that absolutely adored his children. While my husband barely paid any attention to ours. He was great with my daughter and we started having "play dates". He made me feel happy and alive. We fucked for a few months before we ended things, and I'm well aware I wasn't the only mother he was banging, and I couldn't judge being that I cheated with him. Single dads just draw in the ladies. And he was the spark I needed in my life to finally leave my husband and find a man who was interested in having kids instead of ignoring them or getting frustrated by them. Single dads deserve a way to wind down and plenty of ladies out there willing to help.

  • Was he better than your husband? Lol

  • Much better.

  • Thank you and yes i agree. i admit not all the mothers have been single but i cant help but think an get the impression “if the fathers put the effort in to give their wives a break and give them some ME time” then they wouldnt have intrest in me.

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