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After being with my wife for seven years then 18 years of marriage I am finally getting to live out my deepest fantasy. My wife had a very slutty past and right before we started dating she had a lover (not attached) who she described as being very well endowed. She told me even though he had a girlfriend she couldn’t stay away from him. The sex with him was unimaginable. He could last forever and no one was like him at all.
We decided to get serious and even she cheated on me with him. I really loved her so I didn’t say much but this was how I found out about him. I keep myself in very good shape and so has Linda. Early when we met she was competing in bodybuilding. Over the years she has been hit on so much its unbelievable. It was hard for me cause she was not only beautiful and fit but sexy. When it came to sex we both had a huge sex drive.
As the years passed I continued to feel as my 5” cock was nothing for her. We would roleplay about other couples and people we would meet. Linda told me she would tell me when she thought the right guy would show up. This past year we met with a very young Realtor. One day after meeting with him (Michael) as soon as we got in our house she led me to the bedroom and told me how she felt about him. Michael was blonde blue eyes and very tall 6’4 6’5 or so. She told me she would might have been able to control herself and would very likely flirt with him
and seduce him. She was so wet when I put my hand on her pussy. She was very aroused and it was long before I went down on her. We talked about how it would happen. Linda told me she would get a hotel room and invite him over next time paperwork was due. She was totally into this. More than I had imagined. I asked her to find a way to film it but she told me she wanted me there. It was set he was set to meet us there.
For a while I didn’t know if it was going to work. When she started to flirt with him he blushed. She got up close to him and before you know it Linda was locking lips with him. He was hesitant at first and looked at me. I told him it was what she wanted most. Before long Linda is unzipping his pants and dropping his pants. There was a very nocticeabe bulge in shorts. I’ve heard the stories of tall guys with average cocks. When Linda removed his shorts his cock was still limp but hung close to his thigh. She looked at me in amazement then looked up to the ceiling thanking the Lords above. I was thinking there is no way Linda will be able to handle him since it’s been so long. She grabs it and kisses it like it was a found treasure. His cock on soft easily surpassed mine on hard by a long shot. Linda removed her dress to unveil her lacy lingerie. She looked hot and his expression showed he loved what he saw. Linda grabbed his cock and lead him to the bed and immediately started to suck on him. Watching her put it in her mouth still has not left my mind. She was moaning and so was he. Before you know it his cock erect was every bit of 10 massive inches. Linda couldn’t take it anymore and layed down so he could insert it inside of her. I got close to get a good view. After several attempts he was able to get the head of his cock in. It took them what seemed like forever to finally get half inside of her. Immediately you could see her thick cream on his cock. Linda continued to thank me. She was in heaven and after penetrating inch by inch inside of her he was almost totally inside of her. I watched as everytime he went fully inside of her.. her eyes rolled and she clinched him. She was kissing him as if she was totally in love with him in short a short time which made it exciting. Michael knew how to use his cock and he had Linda cumming for the 3rd time in less that 20 minutes. While he was pumping her Linda asked me if she could have his cock forever.. I told her to ask him and she did. I made sure to tell Michael to cum inside of her. It was so hot picturing her small petite frame next to his huge body frame. When Micheal came inside of her Linda came on his cock again. Michael soon hot dressed and said he was available anytime we needed. Linda loved hearing that. As soon as Michael left I asked Linda what she wanted me to do and she told me to go down and taste what she knew I wanted the most. She knew what I wanted and I was so glad and relieved at same time.
Now we meet Michael every other week.
I don’t mind waiting my turn and rather than have my wife cheat on me which she could have easily done I reward her

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  • My wife confessed to me a few years ago that her ex husband was very long and very thick. She told me that she still thought about his big dick and wanted to feel something like that again. My wife told me about a girl that she works with had been telling her about her black lover and how huge he was. Well long story short my wife asked me if she could try to find a big black man to have sex with. She posted several ads on dating sites and she did end up fucking a black guy. He was huge and she loved it. That was 3 years ago. My wife has fucked 23 black men since then and she loves every second of it.

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