My husband had one of his friends over last night. They were watching a game, drinking a ton, and his friend was too wasted to drive home, so we let him sleep on the couch.

I got up at around 6 AM to make some coffee and check on our daughter, who was still asleep in her room. I passed through the living room where my husband's friend was sleeping, and he was lying there completely out, looking really peaceful. The thing was that his cock was nearly erect and hanging out of his boxer shorts. He's young (27) and fit, and looked so sexy.

I went over to get a closer look, and noticed a bead of fluid on the tip of his dick. It was precum. I played with it a little, then bent down and licked it up. He woke up and looked at me weirdly. I smiled, put a finger to my lips and said "Shhh" to tell him to remain quiet.

I was nude under my bathrobe, but opened it, and swung on top of him on the couch, lowering my pussy onto his mouth. Without uttering a word, we spent the next 20 minutes in a 69, and he got me off twice. Soon after I could feel him tense up and his sexy cock and balls delivered forth.

I gave him a kiss on the lips, and then went back to bed. Everyone got up about an hour or so later, I made breakfast for everyone, and my husband never suspected that the radiance emanating from my demeanor that morning was because his friend had licked my clit to a state of ecstasy.

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