My first lesbian experience

I had two girlfriends over for a sleepover when I was around seventeen, I had known Amy since 2nd grade and became friends with Layla in middle school. All three of us were always at one of our houses either studying, talking or doing something.
The three of us were in my bed and had on what we were going to sleep in for the night, my mom came in around midnight and told us not to stay up to much longer and she was going to bed now. We all decided it was pretty late so I turned off the lights and we all started getting comfortable, I had a queen size bed so it was cozy but working out well. I had not fallen asleep yet when I felt one of them start sliding their fingers up the front of me, we had been sort of touching each other while joking around earlier so I did not flinch right away but she went all the way up to my breasts and began searching for my nipples.
I figured out which side of me the hand was coming from and turned my head that way, I asked Layla what she was doing and she told me she wanted to touch my breasts. I had at the time and still do have the largest breasts of the three of us and for some reason she has always loved mine. Suddenly Amy whispered what are you two up to and in the dark I could not see either one of them but right after Layla whispered playing with my nipples I felt another hand searching for my nipples. This went on for quite some time and I was getting pretty stimulated to say the least, both of them were playing with each side and alternating now and then Amy announced in a whisper that she is going down to explore something else. I was a little bit nervous at her advances but feeling pretty turned on by all the attention, she pulled down my bottoms and slid them off my feet then with light pressure pushed on my knees. I felt her lips land on my thigh and thought OMG she is going to really go down on me, she wasted no time at all and I felt her tongue spreading me apart and licking me in circles.
Layla decided that she wanted more access to my breasts so she pulled my top up and uncovered them then began licking and caressing my nipples. It did not take long and I was starting to feel an orgasm starting from deep inside me as Amy kept up her strong circling of my clit. I held my lips tightly together and orgasmed trying not to let out any moans or loud sounds at all.
Amy slid back up to the pillow and asked me how that felt but I did not have much time to relax as I felt Laylas tongue going down the front of me then she laid between my legs and resumed licking me. Amy whispered in my ear that she loved how I tasted and I had no idea what to say to her because I was concentrating on not making any sounds as I was being licked.
Layla was not quite as instense as Amy so I was able to relax a little as she worked her way around my outer lips and mainly licked me in long strokes. I was still building up to another orgasm as Amy began playing with my nipples again. I finally had another orgasm and as I was pulsating away all over her face I told them both in a whisper that I was done, I could barely talk as Layla pulled her lips away from me and slid back up on the other side of me to get to Amy, I could hear them getting her bottoms off and then felt Amys leg go across mine and listened as Layla started licking her, Amy started letting out little whisper gasps telling Layla that it felt really great. I slid my hand over to Amy's breasts and began caressing them, her nipples were huge and I was really surprised at how erect they were in my fingers.
I pulled myself out from under her leg and leaned down to lick and suck on them but she brought her hand up to the side of my face and pushed it right to her lips, I felt her warm tongue start pushing into my lips and then began reciprocating. We darted our tongues around each others and kissed deeply as she moaned out from Layla's tongue pleasuring her. I kissed my way back down to her nipples and she moaned in pleasure as she orgasmed telling Layla she had to stop now because she could not stay quiet.
I stopped licking her nipples and came to realize that Layla was laying down on the bed with her legs spread apart, I had a feeling that these two had pleasured each other before but I had never gone down on anyone guy or girl in my life and the only one I had ever tasted was my own from licking my fingers.
I slid my hands around her legs getting myself into position then slowly lowered my head until my lips came into contact with her pubic bone, I readjusted and gave her outer lips a kiss then slid my tongue down her getting my first taste of it and loved it. One of the first things I noticed was her clitoris was way bigger than mine and I could actually feel it on my tongue as I rolled it around hers. I began just slowly sliding my tongue side to side across her clit and listened to her moans and felt her hips moving around to the rythmn. I opened my mouth up and sucked her whole clit area into my mouth then sucked on her clit, I heard her breath in deeply then let out a long moan as I went back to stroking it side to side. I had no idea if what I was doing was good but she seemed to be really enjoying it so I kept it up until I felt her spreading her legs really wide and she began pulsating on my lips, she came in short gasps while I continued licking her until finally she squeezed her legs closed and pushed on my head a little with her hands. I slid back up while she adjusted and she told me that felt amazing as we all laid there I could feel both of the bodies against mine. I had no idea where my bottoms went but I did not worry about it and figured I would get them when I got up in the morning.

2.5 years ago

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    • Damn that was very erotic to read. You actually made this so hot to read. Please continue to write about your sexual experiences as they are very fun to read.
      Hell! For that matter send me some of your other sexual experiences on my email account
      I want to know what your first time with a male was like and any other sexual experiences or explorations you’ve had since . I’ll be waiting

    • 🍑🤤😛👅😋

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