I love to give up control

I married the perfect husband, I did not know it at the time but he was really into watching videos of bondage. I had always wanted to try bondage but never had the courage to do it with anyone. We were playing around one night sort of wrestling, he was still in his work clothes and I was really trying to get the better of him. He began flipping me over onto my front side and was holding my arms behind my back, he them told me that he was going to take off his tie and secure my arms behind my back. I was tingling just hearing him say that and I replied back that he needed to use more rope.
He used his tie on my arms and I was so turned on once he rolled me over again he began running his fingers over my breasts and torso, I was so excited. He lifted my shirt up then pushed my bra up to my neck, he was watching my reactions and then asked me if I was really enjoying it. I just looked at him and nodded my head up and down smiling. He then asked me if I wanted to be tied up more, like with rope. I told him he could do whatever he wanted to do to me and that I have always wanted to be tied up.
So that is how we started out and now we have so much fun with it, we have done things that I never thought I would do with it. One of our last sessions he tied me to our coffee table then positioned a vibrator pressed against my clitoral area, he had me so restrained that I could not move my hips at all. My legs were spread to each side of the table, I was already so worked up from the bondage that within minutes I was already having an orgasm. He still had room below the vibrator to insert a dildo and he was slowly sliding it in and out of me while my clit was being stimulated into a new dimension. I was so overloaded with sensations that I was pulsating all over. I could not believe the how good it felt as I was building up to another orgasm, he was using his fingers to massage my lips and he would spread them out exposing my clit to the vibe more. My legs were trembling and my arms were so tense, I came with the rush of tingles throughout my body and a flood of emotions tore through me. He pulled the vibe away from me then just used his fingers to massage me watching my body contract with every touch to my lips and clit. He moved down between my legs and used his tongue to caress it, I was so far gone that I just closed my eyes and began melting. I did not think that I could have a larger orgasm than I just had but after what seemed like half an hour of his tongue stroking, circling and sucking on it I began to have another earth shattering orgasm. He told me he could feel the pulsations against his face as I screamed out with another huge orgasm.
He untied me and I was so worn out I could barely sit up but the next day we were back at it again and I loved every minute of it.


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  • I started really early being tied up by my brother, he liked to do it and I thought it was fun too. He would always be the bad guy and come up with some reason I had to be restrained. One day in our teens during the summer he mentioned that he had not tied me up in a quite a few years and asked if I would still do it. I told him sure and he began finding some rope and I pulled out some silk scarves as well as bathrobe ties. He had me pretty tied up after some time and blindfolded me, I was really surprised at how turned on I was from it all. He was turned on as well because after several minutes of me laying there I felt his fingers tracing around my breasts then he asked if he could pull my shirt and bra up. I remember feeling tingles running all over my body as he pulled my top up and I felt the air on my skin, his fingers began playing with my breasts again and my nipples were erect as he played with them. I had on a pair of pull up shorts which easily slid off of me as he kept up the exploration, he untied my feet so he could spread my legs out and I kept them spread willingly. I gasped and jumped when his fingers touched my vagina and he fumbled his way around me, it seemed like an hour when I felt his warm tongue slide across my vagina. I had my first orgasm after only a few minutes of licking because I was so turned on.

  • My husband tied me up then posted an ad with a picture showing me and said that I could only be orally pleasured. He received quite a few responses so he gave one the room number and played with me while waiting for the guy to show up. He showed up and gave me oral until my husband told him his time was up which was over an hour, I had numerous orgasms from it.

  • My husband likes to put me in bondage but with a difference because sometimes ha brings his mates to watch me being fucked by the vibrator until I start coming and then they'd take turns having me but actually I don't complain I actually like this lifestyle

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