If only i had not done it.

Why i did it i just don`t know as i really love my wife ,It is really embarrassing having an 18 year old local lad playing with is zip while trying to get me to suck him of again.It was my first time and at first he`d said no and then turned and unzipped his cock saying this is a one of.I feel so guilty now as he keeps pestering me for more saying come on you came on to me sucking my cock like mad.You want it and you fucking know it,This is so hard to fight of while he`s standing there playing with his zip.

10 months ago


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    • Married or not we can do all things in the heat of the moment and then all of a sudden we realize its not for us .No one`s perfect.I think you loved sucking his cock and now you`v done it, its going to be hard to stop when all you have to do is unzip him again and share what you both want.I found it really hard i loved women yet this one guy really could get me down sucking his cock anytime he wanted it which was quite often in his case .Young,not very tall but 6inches thrusting to the back of my throat made up for it.

    • Sounds a bit of a control freak who thought once you had sucked his cock you would have to come back for more. The lad i suck of is 19 and has a girlfriend just as i have a wife and am twice his age.He admits he gets a thrill having me down there with his cock firmly in my mouth,just as i do feeling,licking and sucking it and making him cum .Sometimes we just chat.No pressure,no demands.

    • Its a shame your married and he`s young and local as he obviously thought you would be very keen for more of his cock.

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