My first dirty talk experience

The first time my girlfriend decided to cheat on me was early in our relationship. It was on a Thursday night and she decided to go out with a friend who was feeling a little down. Linda had just turned 23 and was always turning heads of all ages. She was half Hispanic and half White but you could never tell she was Hispanic.She was gorgeous and voluptuous but was very gullible.
Her mother pushed her to date only Hispanics although when we first met she admitted to being totally attracted to white guys she played the game. She was constantly being hit on by white guys in College and she fought the urge. Her boyfriend in College was Hispanic.
Is was very easy to see she stuck out and had some of the sexiest curves on a girl I had ever seen. No matter what she wore she attracted guys. She also admitted her big big boobs always got her attention from every age. We had been together for around 5 months but didn’t really have as much sex as we wanted due to our jobs and locations. We would meet on weekends.
On Thursday night when her and her friend got to the club guys immediately started hitting on them.
She admitted to going out on the dance floor and having fun. About halfway through the night her friend is talking to a guy and as she’s walking back from the rest room she noticed a guy that catches her eye. She admits she was really attracted to him the moment she saw him. There was just something about him .She wanted to find out a little about him After a while they notice each other and the small talk begins. Before you know it she says they are heading to his car to get out of the loud music for some talk.
She tells me they both attended the same college. She tells me once she is in his car and after a little small talk they are locked in a passionate kiss, his hands go to her huge breast and her hand finds it way to his crotch. She confesses she did not expect to take it this far but she lost all control. She said he was hot and she was excited since It was her first white guy. She tells me her hands finds its way to his crotch area and when she reaches it she cannot believe how huge it feels.
At this time while they continue to kiss and rub on each other’s body her hand finds his cock. She once again says she cannot believe his size and he’s not even fully erect. After rubbing on it and sizing it up her mouth finds it way to the head of his cock and she starts sucking him. She says trying to get it in her mouth was a challenge but she manages to and she is so excited she continues till he is fully hard. She is so turned by this time she suggest they go somewhere to continue the fun. I ask her what was the deciding factor in going to his place. She tells me he is white, hot and has the biggest hottest cock she had ever imagined.She tells me if she tells her friend all would call her crazy for turning him down. She tells me she wanted to be fucked bynhis cock good..I then ask her to describe his size as she tells me she can barely get her hand wrapped around it. As she’s sucking me off she tells me he’s definitely 9” inches long and maybe 7” thick. My cock is 6”long 5” wide and I realize the size difference immediately and I almost lose it and shoot in her mouth as she’s sucking me.
As she continues sucking me off and telling me this I kiss her no longer pissed off from finding out but lucky to have her. I tell myself what female wouldn’t want a cock like this in this opportunity?
I ask her if she’s afraid of his size hurting her and she says noooooooo!!!
She says I wanted it in me so bad that’s why I asked him to go to his place.
She says the moment they get inside his place they both attack each other. She drops to her knees and gets him hard once again.By this time she’s convinced she wants it inside of her.
Without saying anything he starts to pull down her pants and bends her over. I asked her if she was ready for him and she says yessssss!!! She tells me she loved how dominant he was from the time he was forcing her mouth on his cock to the time he bent her over. When he first insets his cock inside of her she says it feels like he’s stretching her apart it hurts but still feels sooooo good. She tells me after a few small pumps of him inside of her she immediately knows she she is going to cum it was just a matter of time. This also turned me on cause I had never been able to make her cum from penetrating. Trust me I tried. She tells me they have sex in every position possible and she loses count of how many times she came.She just knows her pussy is dripping wet and she tells me as she jacking and sucking me off his was was everything she imagined her first white lover to be. She said when he wanted to fuck her tits she let him not knowing how good it would feel. It’s was a huge turn on and she said watching his cock fucking her she could have made her cum. Thet never make it to his bedroom and before you know they’ve had sex for almost 3.5 straight hours. She tells me they both smell like sex. There is cum on her tits, mouth, face and pussy and she realizes she needs to be at work in a few short hours and packed to spend the weekend with me. She says she feels like an entire different person. She didn’t know if it was experiencing his huge cock, cause he was white or cause she’s cheated on me.
She described it as having so much confidence getting to lose control was something she really liked.
She is hooked on him, his cock made her fall totally in love with him. His cock was everything she had never had. It was huge, it shot off huge loads and he knew how to last very long.
We spent that weekend together. I want to have sex either that night or the next night and I my first hint was touching her pussy in bed and her jumping and she accidentally tells me it’s sensitive. My other clue should have been her not wearing a thong or panties that weekend To me it was hot whatever she wore so I never questioned it.After months of this happening I finally get all the signs together and she confesses the story I tell just wrote and how it started and how they would meet every Thursday night and every Sunday night after she left my place. She begged and cried for me not to leave her. Somehow she was deeply in love with me and she was hurting
She admitted she never knew how far we were going in our relationship. I made her give me every single detail possible and while she confessed and I questioned I couldn’t hold back and I had her suck me off while she told me. I said I need every single detail and she did. She knew he had a girlfriend and it was all pure sexual.
It was her first white cock experience and she could never be with a white guy due to her mom. I took her back cause I don’t think I could let her go. She is one of the prettiest attractive Hispanic females I ever set my eyes on. She is so fit and still gets all the attention wherever we go. You see... size matters

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  • I can remember some of my first dirty talks . It was hearing young guys talk about girls bodies when I was just 3 and old men talking smut to me that was confusing.

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