Are you a female in London, UK 🇬🇧 interested getting pregnant?

I am a fit and well hung black man and I live in London, UK 🇬🇧. I was wondering if there is any adult female 18 and above out there searching for a man to breed with? I can assure you that you will enjoy the best sex of your life. It could become addictive, all I want from it is someone to breed on a regular basis. You can keep the baby or babies so long as I have rights as a father, to visit, coparent and be there for the child or children. Send me your email or Skype if you are for real and want to get pregnant as soon as possible. You must live in the UK.

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  • You must have a very low IQ. Google mixed raced celebrities and sporting personalities before asking that question again. Mixed raced children are the best of both worlds. Does that answer satisfy you?

  • My husband and I like to take breeding trips while I’m ovulating. If you’d ever visit the states we’d be interested.

  • I will let you know if I do. Thanks. You sounds like a great couple. 👍🏽

  • Probably will be a lazy baby who loves smoking weed and living off the Government

  • It would be a super fit baby who would one day become an house old name. Maybe a super star the entire nation would love if he or she chooses to become an athlete or a foot baller. I’d the baby grows up to become a scholar or an artist they would do well. Do you know why? Because they baby would come from a long line of ancient emperors, kings, elite warriors and responsible people who are genetically engineered by nature to be fitter and stronger than the very best of your ancestors. And I can trace my ancient blood line far back than King William the conqueror. My ancestors blood line stretches further than 2,500 years. Can you say the same for yourself you racist shitface? You also want to know one thing pig? In bed I last longer and fuck better than you or all of ancestors. I worked harder than you, pay my taxes and never received a tax refund. Any offspring of mine would exceed that. You are just insecure and you think your idiotic comments can put anyone down. I just tried this medium for size. I am a paid subscriber on a site where I can find like minds. You need to get a life you know? Racist pig with s brain 🧠 the size of a peanut 🥜 lol 😂

  • Nah,it'd be another little NIGLET ,destined for benefits and drug user.

  • Where do you live? With retards and products of you serial incests? I meant families who married cousins repeatedly for generations? They tend to produce children like you with a very low IQ. Check out this current timeline, the planet is littered with mixed raced super stars and stars earning good money in sports and entertainment. Athletes too, they win medals for their nations and people love them. Great Britain’s medalists are super successful because of diversity, yes that includes blacks and mixed raced people. People like you need to get a life and quit your racial discrimination and stereotypes. It has become boring and it makes you sound uninformed and stupid. For real mate, give it up. We are having a laugh here and I suspect that people are still genuinely resist.

  • Haha delusions of grandeur!

  • Say £1000 bet. I surpass you and anyone she has ever been with, then I get to breed her for free for a year. We sign a legal agreement and you take her back when I am done with her. Plus there will be witnesses in the room so no one can deny the fact that her pussy has received the best workout she ever had. I can raise the bet if you want?

  • A legal agreement?Haha.Go fuck yourself.Who in their right mind would treat their woman like a piece of property or any woman or human.You're pretty messed up in the head mate and think too highly of yourself no wonder you can't get a decent woman to have kids with.I hope you don't get to have kids either,poor things might end up messed up like you or forgotten about when they fall short of your expectations.

  • That's cause he's a typical N i g g e r.
    Bet he smells of grease

  • Your parents would know my smell because they are both addicted to my cock. Lol

  • If all that you say is true then you shouldn't have a problem in finding a woman,they should be lining up outside your front door and also this is the last place you should come looking for a woman to have a child with,women don't come here for that,this is a place where men come to get their rocks off,pretty much what you're doing mate.

  • Why don’t you bring your girlfriend to find out?

  • My woman gets it every day so she knows I am the real deal, a real lion 🦁 in bed. The bet is still on if you are man enough for a wife swap with witnesses? I would be walking away with both women at the end of the day. I promise not to wreak your wife’s Pussy if I get to keep her for a year. You could always consider an enlargement to fit right back in. If you last half as long as me or you are half as good as me then you win the bet? £5K? I am serious here mate, easy money.

  • Yeah my woman gets it too mate.Make her squirt with just my finger even before I fuck her brains out.Oh and she's given me kids unlike your woman,so go fucking wreck yourself with your own dick.Must be sad having it all down there but nothing up top but its how nature intended I guess.Plus my wife's had kids so you ain't doing shit,don't care how big you are.

  • Give it a rest mate. I don’t want to be forced to call the ambulance 🚑 to save you. Your blood pressure is heating up winter ❄️ 🥶. I am not after your wife. I don’t know you, don’t care and don’t want to know you and even if I do I am never going to come after your wife. Except if it’s your thing and you both want it and you are offering then I would be all in bet and all. I like a good show. I honestly fuck better than most porn stars.

  • One finger, yes. A 10 inches long or 11 inches long cock will stretch her so good your 5 inches cock would never be able to take her to that height ever again. That means you would have to double up the effort on please before you give her a 5 minute sex at best. You could buy viagra though. Men who came from a proper warm climate are warm blooded and last like lions. Jokes apart, please ask girls who like BBC. They will give you a proper education on the subject.

  • 10 inches? You wish. So much nonsense you talking,that's all you good at,talking and nonsense.All talk.All of it.........nonsense.

  • So you honestly don’t believe a black man can have a dick that big or bigger? What planet 🌍 do you live in? 🤔😳

  • I don't care you dumbfuck!

  • All talk? Why don’t you raise that bet by 100%. I will give you the honour of measuring it so your mind can be blown. Then your wife would be next. If she is skinny with and your below average cock stretches her pussy then she is off the menu. Just a blow job and I win the bet on size only. I used to know African men with 11 and 12 inches long cocks years back and it was common amongs 2 in every 10 young men where I come from.

  • Sorry I don't share my wife douchebag.

  • Gay!

  • You lack confidence and emotional security. Some men like you like to swing. I am sure I will win your wife off you in any bet of this nature. Glad you are pissed off at the though of that. This was a laugh yes. Some women can’t cope with one child even with all of the help in the world. Other women don’t want a single child. Mine wants just one. I could divorce and I got ex girlfriends scattered all over continental Europe who would rush in to take her place. Divorce is complicated when a child is involved, either your biological child or not. That’s the main reason why I am not considering that. And I get loads of offers on the website I mentioned. In due time I will breed someone, just not found a compatible one. Taking my time and I am not going to find one out here. The offer on your wife’s pussy still stands if you can man up to watch. Common, give it a go. You may become too turned on and become addicted to watching a real man fuck her brains 🧠 out on a regular basis. Who knows?

  • See, more nonsense!

  • I have a wife,with my own kids,we don't want more thanks.

  • Your wife would reject you if you allow her to try me for size. I would out last you and out perform you in bed. Fact.

  • Sorry for the late reply,I was busy not being a loser,oh and looking after my biological children,cuz that's the manly thing in the end,having swimmers that actually won or a woman that loved you enough to want your babies.I'm pretty sure my wife would reject you too mate because for you I'm thinking more Lenny Henry and less Idris Elba.

  • Haha,legend! He's a typical coo.n , did you know that 85% of black people grew up without their father being there? Just typical nig nog behaviour

  • Well I was born in the ancestral homes of black people. I can trace my father and their fathers before me by at least 2,500 years. Can any one of you boast of that? My ancestors built a great civilisation, culture and mind blowing works of art. You idiots need to travel and learn histories. Majority of my ancestors had harems with large numbers of wives and concubines in private estates attached to their palaces before the dawn of colonialism. My cock and sexual skills cane from those non Christian real men. So people like me don’t boats. The women we have fucked knows our worth and they will cheat on their husbands easily if we want them to. I don’t do that shit because I don’t like complications in anyone’s life’s. Only lesser men like you take offence, maybe because you know for a fact that your ancestors had little cocks and fuck like chickens 🐓 lol

  • I double dare you to give it a go. You are a house husband? Fair enough, she still need a real man. A real thick big black cock that can last for an hour or two defending on how good your wife can squirt. Why don’t you ask her to find out? Lol

  • Never said I was a house husband just got more than one kid of my own,you know,they keep you busy.Plus my wife has a real man,ME.And I married her and got her pregnant,you should try it,its great.Stop being all talk mate.Oh she can squirt,trust me I know.If that is what you're asking,because you seem a bit dyslexic fam.

  • Got girls pregnant in the past. So what?

  • Where's the kids then? Definitely yours?

  • Talking to idiots like you is a complete waste of time. Weaklings like you can’t risk sharing your wives with better fit and well hung men because you would simply loose her. She would realise how inadequate you are. You don’t even want you to. You are just asking for it. You can get a woman pregnant and she could loose her pregnancy or choose not to keep it for various private reasons? There’s nothing a man can do about that. It’s a free world. Plus I am done with this post. Had my fun with it. Should you ever want to become a cockhold then I will consider your offer if you ask nicely. Maybe I can prove you are gay or bisexual by allow you to clean off my shaft when I am done with you wife all night long while you watch like a good boy. Please don’t raise your blood pressure again mate. Bye 👋🏽

  • Learn better grammar,gayboy!

  • Are you calling people gay now simply because your mum and dad are gay? Common, grow up. It’s 2019, who cares if you are having gay issues because you are gay? I am sure idiots like you have a very low IQ and are incapable of becoming bilingual. Your parents should present you with a certificate of achievement for calling people gayboy! What else have you got? Bring it on, you homophobic and racist pig. People like you should live in a zoo. Please check the current timeline, there’s no place for your types here.

  • Yum I'm married but I do like a fit black man.Id have you just for fun.Appreciative white girl here.

  • That’s fair enough. I have had NSA relationships in the past and you are not my type. I prefer single, divorced or separated females to married once. Let me check...Oh that was why I was single. If you are an intelligent troll you would have realised by now that I am not here for a cheap sex with anyone. A married man like you should buy your wife a strap on dildo. They will sort you out mate.

  • Are you schizophrenic?

  • No. Not everyone is out to get me out here. Sorry if I assumed you are a man. Plus I am tired of being used for fun. I didn’t enjoy that when I was single.

  • Er I'm a woman last time I checked thanks.Just saying I like good looking black guys even though I'm married.Is that difficult to understand?

  • Sorry about my outbursts, I assumed you were that guy baiting me non stop. I have been called racist for dating only white girls in the past. I used to date black girls though. Interracial sex or relationships are simply magical. I could buy you a drink someday to make amends and maybe think about your offer if I am not going to be hurting your man. I once met ladies who have fun with their husbands permission. I kept one on the side for a few years.

  • I would call you rascist, id call you a dirty n i g g e r

  • Because of our age gap our marriage is more companionship so you wouldn't be hurting him.Had interracial relationships in the past and loved it but haven't truly thought about something on the side to be honest.

  • That’s fair enough then. I am open for anything so long as one one gets hurt in the long run. Mind blowing sex could become addictive. I am talking from experience.

  • You appear to be unfamiliar with UK law. If the woman wants to keep the baby that is her choice not yours. Your permission is not required. You cannot compel her to get an abortion, nor can you take the child from her. Rights of access to 'your' biological child are a matter for the courts.

  • Yeah but nigs don't obey the law

  • I dislike abortions, always have and always will. I respect UK laws so I would prefer to have clarity and mutual agreement before I breed with anyone. I do not judge women who abort because I respect all of the reasons why females abort. About 13 years ago I got engaged to a serial cheater, we never made it to the alter. She kept on getting pregnant and having abortions against my will. Even when I was sure that the baby was mine. I am guilty of not using condoms with someone I planned to marry at the time. I guess not having my biological child right now could be my bad Kama for what she did. I couldn’t force her to carry the pregnancies full term though. I would like my biological offspring to bear my surname. I hit a snag on that one with two potential coparents on that website I mentioned earlier. Problems with shared surnames or non at all. It’s best to meet people on the same page with me before proceeding.

  • You'd want an abortion if you got your mother or your sister pregnant.

  • You must live in the rural parts of USA. There are always millions of surplus women where I come from so incest isn’t a problem over there. Some people even marry more than 3 wives if they are practicing Muslims or traditionalists.

  • I'm 26 and married.I do want children but husband can't have any.We have seriously talked about sperm donors and we actually wouldn't mind it being from non white donors (we're both white).What you're asking is different though.

  • Sperm donor? I say do it the right way. Meet and fuck your brains out with each other. That is much more fun. If I was in a long term relationship with a black guy i would willingly have his child. I have dated numerous black men and have enjoyed each and everyone of them. For some reason I just can't seem to get past that six month dating period with them. Seems they all do something to piss my off. Like sleep with other women. If I am going to breed for you i want you around to help raise the child.

  • Thank you very much for your response to my post. I really appreciate it. I perfectly understand what you want. You want a Sperm donor who would help to give you children and never stay in contact with the child or children conceived. I on the other hand is interested in being recognised as the biological father of any child or children I help to make. We could work something out if I get a limited visiting right? Could be a neutral location once in a blue moon and to be able to send private birthday wishes, gifts and cards etc. Practically being a part time dad. Or you could register on a website I subscribed on last year.

    I am still there and different people seek for different types of arrangements to make babies. I haven’t found the right coparent yet. Some people don’t want to have anything to do with any child they help to create. Bills, personal time and commitments etc. Others just want to donate their sperms for free. All racial backgrounds are on it. I hope it grants you your heart desire so you can have a little one who loves you more than anything in world. Please check it out. I will continue to hope that I find someone to make babies with. You never know if you don’t try right?

  • I should stay out of this one you know
    But since amys friends made comments I wouldn't they're the ones with her name everywhere

  • Ok. You got a fair point. Sorry for my response earlier, I wish you all the best.

  • There's a bitch named Amy. She's somewhere. Does anyone want her ?

  • If I find you or your alter ego Amy, you are both 💀

  • Why would I want to breed with someone you label a bitch, is she your mother? Someone with family values I said. You don’t need to insult people to disagree with them do you?

  • You find out who she is

  • She's totally pissed mе off so don't comment and no she's not family

  • Checked out the post about Amy, everyone’s got different types of issues these days so I just live and let live. I try hard to avoid hurting people in real life, I am nice and that way I people like Amy are left alone. They are like tigers, poke one in the eye and they bite off your fingers mate.

  • Ok. I'll get over what's botherin' me.

  • You're really in the U.K. ? Kunnossa!

  • You are Finnish right? Beautiful people, very beautiful country. The language sound cool too. I am rubbish at learning languages though. If you are in the UK on a visit we could chat privately sometime? Maybe meet up and talk further?

  • Yes I live in the UK. Are you really a girl or a man having a laugh at my expense? Where are you from?

  • Yes, and I am Finnish and I was only commenting with the words kunnossa
    And I am from Helsinki

  • Helsinki is a very beautiful. Political correctness is over the top these days. Please ignore people who jump up to report everything like internet nazis these days. Gone were the day when people sorted out their disagreements and differences like men, one on one with peaceful dialogues or the fists 👊 or the sword. No mediators. Everything back to normal once business is done. I for one choose peace ✌️ and learnt to have a thick skin. I just over look certain things and draw a line on racial abuse.

  • Yes, everything is okay. She is not
    Commenting now. I don't think she's
    going to. Maybe she won't. I'm not worried though.

  • Comment is open to the world now. All. See post where it says world.

  • Not having laugh at your expense no
    I saw someone made comment and I thought I recognized the name I am man yes and I only realize now that maybe the person commenting isn't
    going to report their own comment

  • Very true, they wouldn’t report their own comments if it’s offensive.

  • Btw ? Kunnossa may mean ok

  • I see my comments have been reported

  • Typical nigger

  • I helped out a single parent, fell in love with her and she lead me on for over a decade like a mug so I can help raise a lovely baby that isn’t mine biologically. Don’t get me wrong, I love the kid to bits and I didn’t want a divorce so as not to disrupt the chikd’s education or future prospects. Fact is said shop is closed. No more babies, she had to wait for 10 years to tell me that while using me for a mind blowing and a fulfilled sex life. Don’t you think that’s cruel? I don’t deserve that, that’s why I am looking for alternatives. My step kid doesn’t want any siblings too. Wants all the love and gifts 🎁 alone as an only child. I still want my own biological children. Do you have a problem with that because I am a so called Nigger?

  • Why is the world full of retarded racists like you? Did your mother hit your head on the wall as s baby? Typical skin head pig. 🐷

  • That’s fine with me so long as we remain in contact after you conceive? Where do you come from and where do you live?

  • What if I’m just VISITING the U.K.?

  • When are you visiting the UK? This year or next year? We can work something out.

  • Got a wife, already got a teenage child I helped raise since he was a baby. She closed shop and it took me years to realise that. I was promised children so that ain’t gonna happen now. Reason why I am looking for alternatives without considering a divorce.

  • Why didn't she want more kids then?And would she know about you having other kids or not.

  • I already told both of them that having more children means the world to me. She lied to me to keep me from day one. I had an ex who was desperate to get me back after two years of separation when we meet so she looked me in the eye poker face and said I will give you 4 children. I fell for it as being a father would complete me. I think she may have medical difficulties conceiving. We fuck like rabbits year in year out nothing ever happened. She said she couldn’t deal with one child let alone have more. I offered to give up my job to be a stay at home dad. Got extended family support for free babysitting and stuffs. Nothing I say works. She said it’s bit fair on her if I have babies outside and that I don’t need another child. She also knows that she can’t stop me, we have been having this conversation for a few years now. I think it’s time I give it a go. Am I being selfish? She saw my medical tests, it was ok. I never saw hers.

  • I would love to make a baby for you. You don’t need her.

  • Why don't you just get a girlfriend bruv.

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