My Friend Jessica (part two)

I sat sipping on my coffee for nearly half an hour looking at her and I said "I don't think you can", she said "yes I can, you can believe me" and I smiled and said "after what we did in the bedroom". we sat quietly for an hour and I finished my coffee, it was cold, she smiled and asked me "when are you going to get over her" and I said "more likely never, it'll be a while before I could ever get over her". She said "this afternoon I'm going to make you forget her and she's not going to be on your mind ever again". I said "okay, if you want to try to make me forget you can but it's not easy to forget something that was so "great" at the time". She said to me "quiet" and she must have known what I was thinking because she laughed, now I remember thinking I wanted her to do for me what she did already in the bedroom. She said "I will but I better not hear you cry", that's when I tried to joke and I said "you were hurtin' me". She laughed again and I felt like the memory I had of before would leave me, it was almost like the memory I had of before was wouldn't come back to me, that's how I felt that morning. Later that day I layed down to get some sleep and she came into my room and layed down next to me and put her hand on mine and I felt like I would be okay and like I wanted to spend a long time with her. When I woke up I could hear music on the stereo, it was one of my favorite songs and I felt her when she touched me and I heard her whisper "I hope you don't mind the song, it's my favorite. I layed there listening and I felt her kiss me.

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  • It looks like someone either was in
    love or is in love, hopefully still.

  • Amy Maria. She is the one the story
    mentioned in the first part. She lived
    in Texas.

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