Bubble butts

I have such an obsession with female asses. I love looking at them licking them fucking them. I love seeing women in leggings at the gym. I love when they go up their butts.

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  • Nice butts are by far my favorite of the female anatomy,I am constantly looking for a nice, firm,round,ass and have a really difficult time not being caught when a woman who has a great ass is in my sights,I cant help but stare and think how I would like to see her ass naked

  • Yes that's me too. It drives me crazy.

  • Love worshipping a womans ass

  • I fucking love a nice ass on a woman. I'll fuck it and suck it all night. I love when they enjoy it and tell me to fuck their ass. Then they back that ass back into my cock so it's balls deep

  • I'm a breast man, always have been, always will be. So for me to take notice of an ass, she has to have one damn fine ass. I have only ever seen 2 perfect asses in my life. A girl I went to highschool with, and the other is a woman I work with.

  • I'm a breast man also, and they're the first thing I notice, but I definitely appreciate a nice ass. I've seen more than two perfect asses, and a lot that are close enough to perfect for me to gander at for a long time.

  • For me, one of the most perfect asses I've ever seen was one of my two very close, female friends in college. She was short, petite, sexy, and well-built, with a perfect, firm ass that even she said was her best feature..."My ass is nice, I know" she'd say. When she wore tight jeans, forget it..My eyes went nowhere else on her..We spent a ton of time together, as were in the same major and had become friends, along with the other girl, but "Lori" (name change) had the most perfect ass I'd ever seen. Going to study with her during hot weather, when she'd wear shorts, was nothing short of cock tease, and I also think she knew it.

  • Me too. That's why I spy on my stepdaughter in her leggings

  • I like them in black pantyhose and cut the ass open. It looks so good.

  • That's hot does she have a nice ass?

  • Yes and a small waist. She's latina.

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