She screwed me up

I think I was around eleven the first time it happened and continued on from there until I moved out. I remember coming home and she was really happy, little did I know at that time how many pills she took per day. She kept telling me how good I was and how did I turn out so smart, she wanted me to change out of my school clothes and we went to my room. I took off my shirt and pants, she was sitting on my bed smiling at me then she asked me to come over to her. She lowered my underwear and asked me to get up on the bed and lay down, she told me I deserved to be happy and feel good or something like that and the next thing I know she is licking my penis from bottom to top.
She did it all the time, I would get woke up in the mornings with one, I would get home from school and get one, she did it whenever the mood struck her. I never told anyone and I cannot say that I did not enjoy it, there were days that I stayed home just to get one or more of them. She was so good at it, she never just went right to sucking on me like crazy, she always bathed my whole cock and balls with her tongue just teasing me like mad. My cock would be stiff as wood as she gently kissed and licked her way around it. I miss it so much and have been searching for such a woman in my adult life without any luck at all. The only women who will do this are the ones I have to pay and I tell them what I want done, the others just get right to it and suck on me until I orgasm. I miss the mornings feeling her wet mouth around my hard cock, I could never hold back in the morning and would cum very quickly. I was around sixteen the first time I actually asked for it and she did not even hesitate, she smiled at me and told me sure sweetie, anytime you want it you just ask me. My hormones were raging and I asked for it a lot until I really did not need to because she decided that she was going to do it two or three times a day because I wanted it more. I even got really bold and would walk right up to her sitting in her chair watching tv with my cock sticking out, she would reach over and start stroking it then when commercial came on she would suck on me. I honestly got so spoiled from all of this that I find it frustrating as hell that I cannot have my cock sucked all the time. My girlfriends get tired of it and break up with me over it telling me I am way to demanding to even want more that a few a week.


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  • You will find the right woman, they are out there. I never asked my wife for a blow job but she has been giving them to me for 27 years now practically daily and sometimes multiple times a day. I remember when our youngest went off to college, I came home from work Monday and was astonished when I walked thru the door and she was kneeling on the floor naked. She looked up at me smiling while she dropped my pants to the floor and swallowed my cock right there in the foyer. The site of her breasts swinging around while she sucked on me hard was amazing, she swallows me all the way down and I am just average at about six inches but it feels so damn good to have my entire cock surrounded by her mouth. I swear she has no gag reflex at all because she will feel me start to orgasm and just swallow me down with her nose against my pubic hair, I love the feeling of her throat squeezing my cock head as I orgasm. So I have no idea why she is suck a great cock sucker but then again I have never asked her why, I just keep telling her how much I love her and get home on time every night.

  • It sounds like you didnt like it?

  • Damn. She screwed you up real bad. 99% of women won't do that, so you're looking for a fucking unicorn.

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