I recently served a prison sentence, I wasn't bisexual when I went in but I am now, me and my cell mate were sucking and fucking each other after about a month, I never thought buggery could be so good, there is a question I feel very guilty now I am home with my girlfriend, if I told her I had been having sex with man three times a week while I was in prison, would dump me of would she understand?, I don't know?

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  • What did you do on the other nights?

  • What happens in prison stays in prison

  • 3 times a week? Bullshit post as you wouldn't be having it 3 times a week like an old married couple. You'd be at it every fucking night

  • Sure, they would be at it every night at first. He did not say how long the prison sentence was, maybe they were like an old married couple.

  • My husband was in prison for a while he had a very strong sex drive, I never asked him if he had a sexual relationship in prison, I suppose I didn't want to know, what you don't know cant hurt you

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