Bus stop experience

I was sitting alone one day at a bus stop waiting for the bus.I was sitting there for almost thirty minutes when a car pulled to a stop and a woman got out of the car and clos?d the car door and stepped back away from the car and the driver drove away.the woman turned and walked over to the bus stop bench and sat down.it was a little warm that day,she said "hey when's the next bus" I told her "it'll be here in about thirty minutes"she said "okay" after thirty minutes the the bus didn't come (that's when I remembered it was one of those days when for some reason they didn't go that route, I didn't say anything to the woman sitting next to me because I wanted to enjoy her company)she said "the bus hasn't came yet it must be late"she was sweating when I looked over at her she said "it's warm I'm burnin up"she waited a few minutes and she took off her sweater and said "I'm hot"after another few minutes she said "I'm without anyone to come get me and the bus isn't coming what am I suppose to do now"I said "don't feel bad it happens maybe we missed the bus"she sat quiet for a few minutes and she said "I gotta come outta this shirt"she took off her shirt and she said iit's'cause im hot after a few more minutes she said "I gotta come outta these pants"She took her pants off and said that's better im coolin off now she didn't have on a bra or panties and I looked and after nearly an hour she said "oh Fuck I remembered the bus doesn't come today and im naked sitting here with you"after a minute she whispered "ah my pussy's so hot,I heard her and she whispered "oooooh I gotta play with my pussy"she reached her right hand down between her thighs and said "you don't care if I play with my pussy do you"I sat there and I scooted a little to my right and turned to watch her she spread her legs wide apart and scooted forward a little and sat back and started rubbin her pussy for an hour she breathed heavy the entire time I sat there I couldn't take it I had to stand pull my pants down and jack off right then she looked at me like she was thinking 'pervert' after ten minutes she was smilin and I needed to cum bad I kept jackin off until I shot a load that hit the girls chest my cum got all over her little titties and she stopped rubbin her pussy and laughed when I came my second orgasm she laughed out loud and she said loudly "ah jackin off ah im cuming ahhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh"and my Dick went limp and after ten minutes she asked me did it feel good

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  • You are full of shit

  • 괜찮아요. c'est bon 그것이. est ist

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