Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Treated Like A Prostitute

To learn about all of the horrible things that have been happening to the Beautiful Doctor Nausheen, read “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Receives Unwanted Anal – Parts 1 and 2,” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Violated Again;” Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Is Visited A Third Time;” “Beautiful Doctor Nausheen Learns To Swallow;” and “Beautiful Dr. Nausheen Helps Me Cuckold Her Husband.”
These stories reveal a smart, beautiful, Indian wife and mother violated, repeatedly, in some of the worst ways possible. Every orifice of her body has been explored and she has been forcibly introduced to anal pleasures, swallowing seed, and receiving facials. She has also been forced to lure her husband into performing these nasty acts on her and become an unwitting cuckold.
This story tells of one of the most humiliating visits I ever made to the Beautiful Dr. Nausheen, a visit during which she was treated like a prostitute.
It had been a several months since I made one of my “afternoon visits” to Dr. Nausheen in her office. It was 4 PM on a Thursday and I texted Dr. Nausheen, “I will be at your office at 5:30 today for another visit. Be ready for me or you know what will happen.” As much as Dr. Nausheen hated my visits, she hated the thought of me sending the pictures and videos I have of her and I together to her husband even more. She replied quickly, “Please, I’m begging you, Stop! I am a married woman! This is wrong! Please don’t visit again today!” I simply replied, “I’ll be there at 5:30.”
I went to her office at 5:30 to find only her car in the parking lot and the front door unlocked. I went inside and locked the door behind me. I took a quick look around her office and found it empty. I saw a light coming from her personal office, walked in, and found her sitting behind her desk quietly sobbing. She looked up at me and said “What do you want this time? Haven’t you violated me, by body and my marriage, enough? Aren’t you satisfied yet? What could there possibly be left for you to do to me, to my body?” The huge bulge in the front of my pants left no doubt that I wanted – needed – her again. “Stand up, walk around to the front of your desk, and bring your purse.”
She slowly, reluctantly obeyed me, and was now standing in front of me. “Hand me your purse!” I tell her. She hands me her purse and I open it and empty its contents on her desk. I then reach into a bag I brought with me and pulled out items I place into Dr. Nausheen’s purse – 3 different boxes of condoms and a douche. She watches what I am doing and is confused, “What . . . what are you doing? What are these items for?” “These are items every prostitute needs to keep in her purse at all times,” I tell her. “I don’t understand” she responds. “You will, follow me,” I tell her as we walk out into the lobby of her office. I hand her purse back to her and tell her to put the strap over her shoulder. I then tell her that she is going to be my prostitute today and hand her written instructions on what she is to do. She reads them and appears faint. “I . . . I . . . I can’t. I . . . I . . . I won’t.” I hold up my phone and play a video I mixed together of her taking my cock in her every orifice and all the orgasms she has provided me. I remind her that she can either obey my instructions or drive home and see how her husband enjoyed watching this video after I email it to him. She very reluctantly agreed to obey my instructions.
I walked out into the lobby of her office, took a seat, and waited. I had taken several Viagra pills before arriving at her office. I was going to need them! A few minutes later Dr. Nausheen walked up to me and said “Are you interested in a blow job? I’ll suck . . . suck your . . . your cock for . . . for $25.” I respond that I would love a blow job and asked her where we should go to do it. She said we should go into the bathroom. We walked in and she said “You have to pay the $25 in advance,” and I handed her $25. She then knelt down on the bathroom floor, opened my pants, and took out my erection. She reached into her purse and took out a peppermint flavored condom and awkwardly rolled into onto my erection. She proceeded to suck me. Her head was bobbing up and down on my condom-covered erection and I had big handfuls of her dark hair as I thrust into her mouth. Within a few minutes I felt my balls tingle and I released into her mouth, into the condom. When she felt me go limp in her mouth she stood up, took the sperm filled condom off of me, looked at it in disgust, and threw it in the garbage can. I went back out to the lobby to wait.
After about 20 minutes, the beautiful Dr. Nausheen came into the lobby, walked up to me, and said “Would you like to fuck? You can fuck me for $50.” I told her that I’d love to fuck her and would gladly pay $50 to do so. I asked her where could fuck and she said we could go into the bathroom. We walked back into the bathroom and again she demanded payment in advance. I handed her $50. She then told me that she needed to freshen up a bit, that she had already had several other customers earlier in the day. She proceeded to very reluctantly, very slowly remove the disposable douche from her purse. She stared at it, looking at the directions on the box, before removing it and unwrapping it. She very reluctantly reached up under her skirt and removed her panties. She then raised her skirt up and straddled the open toilet. While I watched, she inserted the douche nozzle into her vagina and squeezed the douche into herself. I could see tears rolling down her cheeks while she stood in front of me and douched herself. After rinsing her pussy with the douche she dried herself off and walked over to me. She said “I needed to douche since my last client refused to wear a condom.” She opened my pants revealing my 2nd erection of the afternoon. She reached into her purse and took out a non-flavored, unlubricated condom and awkwardly rolled it onto my erection. She then turned around, laid her upper body across the counter, pulled her skirt up, and smacked her ass. I approached her from behind and shoved my hard, dry, rubber-covered cock into her tight pussy. She was so tight and dry I could barely get in her. I could hear her suffering due to my size. I eventually got fully into her and she said “Remember, you only get 5 minutes for $50” and at that moment I blew my load into the condom. I pulled out and she turned around to remove the sperm filled condom from my limp penis, again looking at it in disgust.

I went back out to the lobby to wait. A half hour later she came into the lobby and said “Hey Mr., would you like to fuck my ass? You can fuck my ass for $100.” I told her I wanted to fuck her ass and asked where we could do it and she said we could fuck in the bathroom. We walked back into the bathroom and she demanded payment. I handed her a $100 bill. She opened my pants to reveal my 3rd erection of the afternoon. She reached into her purse and took out a heavily-ribbed, lubricated condom and put it on me. She turned around, leaned over the counter, pulled her skirt up and said “You get 10 minutes in my ass for $100.” Not wanting to waste a minute, I pushed her down onto the counter, lined my cock up with her tight asshole, and entered her in one thrust. She gasped loudly, suffering due to my size and the heavy ribs on the condom. She felt very, very tight to me back there. I wasn’t going to last 10 minutes. She then said “For another $50 you can do it to me without a condom.” I handed her another $50, pulled out, removed the condom, and thrust back into her tight ass. After just a few minutes I felt another orgasm welling up inside of me and I pushed as deep as I could into her and let lose. I left a mess in her tight ass then pulled out.
I asked her “What does it feel like to act like a prostitute, a whore?” “I am so ashamed,” she replied. “I . . . I wasn’t sure how to put a condom on a man. My husband and I . . . of course we have never used them.” She went on to say “Douching my vagina in front of you was . . . was perhaps the most humiliating of all. I have never . . . I would never use a douche. They are for promiscuous woman . . . for sluts.” I told her to keep the $225, she had earned it. I demanded she unlock her phone and hand it to me. She reluctantly obeyed, having no choice. I sent a text to her husband, “Are you there my love?” A moment later he responded “Yes my dear.” I texted back on her behalf “I am so sorry to bother you at work my husband but I am feeling extremely, extremely horny today and desperately need you when we get home this evening!” He responded by “Oh My!” I returned his text with “I am so ashamed to ask my husband, but I crave you in my mouth, my vagina, and my bottom tonight. Will you please take me in all 3 ways? Please!” He responded that he would gladly do so. I wanted the Beautiful Dr. Nausheen feeling well used, by several men, at the end of the day!


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  • Completely sick of reading your bs post same shit over and over get a life

  • When will my violation stop! After the dry condom my tormentor used in my vagina and having two men in my bottom in the same day, I was so very sore. - Nausheen.

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