Husbands gift

My husband revealed to me after 5 years of marriage that he’s fantasized about seeing me in a porn film with other men or couples.
I asked him why and details and he said he’s really liked GB videos and videos where there is filthy dirty talk and rough sex.
This has made me wonder if I should find people to make a home video and be used and f***ed on camera for him and give it to him as a gift.
What do men want to do to women they don’t know?
How should I go about it?

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  • What I wouldn't do to another mans wife.

  • Tell me more ;p

  • Fuck her face

  • I found my wife's old phones that had nude pictures of her and her ex and also videos of them fucking.Turned me on quite a bit and I regularly masturbated to it.My wife was in her early 20's and looked young and petite but now she's more woman like with curvy hips and big breasts I would love to see her in a new video with her ex.Maybe hook up with him and fuck him a few times.Id love to talk to her about it but I'm too scared to ask.

  • I’m in a similar boat! I wanna bring it up and ask if he’d really like me to just have sex with strangers. But I’m 27 so I’m not an older woman yet haha

  • Wow 27.What do you look like then?

  • I can’t post pics haha I’m 5 foot, 100 lbs brunette. Haha why do you ask?

  • Damn ! Those measurements sound so hot

  • Well you're young and if you're hot then there won't be a problem getting it from strangers.Do you have a good sex life with your husband or does he actually want you to sleep with strangers?

  • He wants me on video with strangers

  • Yes.So you'll look nice n young on video too.

  • Is that bad?

  • No of course not.Start spreading those thighs girl.

  • I would try placing an ad on double list or something. Different men like different things, that would depend. You may also want to involve your husband in the whole process, have him there to help ensure your safety, and he can be the director.

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