Paying My Husband's Debt

My hubby Donnie borrowed one hundred dollars from a coworker. One morning when Donnie had off he came to our apartment to get his money. Donnie didn't have the money and had been promising for over a month to pay him back. Reggie was this huge six foot four, balding , older black man from his job. Not someone you wanted to cross or make mad. Reggie was really mad and it looked like he was going to take my hubby apart over the debt. I stepped in between them and asked if there was anything I could do to make it right. Reggie asked what I meant by making it right. I just blurted out. " fuck you." Donnie exclaimed oh no way. Reggie asked him if he had the money to which Donnie said no and Reggie told him shut the fuck up then. Reggie was checking me out in my little tight fitting pink top and form fitting black work out pants. Then he said yes we could do that. I told him to follow me down the hallway to our bedroom. Once inside I took off my top revealing my bare naked large breast. Reggie put both his hands on my breast and began to feel them. I started to undo his belt and then he took off his shirt pulling it over his head. Next I unfastened the clasp and zipper to his trousers and let them fall around his ankles.

Reggie worked them the rest of the way off moving his feet up and down. He was standing before me in his boxers. He pulled me close to him and he started sliding my pants down around my ankles and I lifted my feet so he could slide them off me. He touched my waist and then he smacked my ass through my little pink lace panties. Next he backed me up towards the bed and pushed me back on to it. I sat up and then I reached inside of his underwear and grabbed his cock. I thought holy fucking shit it's true, black men are very well endowed. I pulled his cock out and began to stroke him. He pulled his boxers partially down halfway on his ass. I looked up at him smiled and laughed. Then I began to lick on his huge black cock. Up and down the length of his shaft kissing it as I went. Then I licked the underside of the tip before popping the whole thing in my mouth and sucking on it. I could see Donnie just besides himself at what was happening but nothing he could do about it. Maybe next time he won't borrow money but I hope he does. Reggie's cock was so fucking yummy tasting. He was my first BBC. He must have been close to nine inches. Much bigger and fatter than Donnie's little six inch thin needle dick.

So I sat on the edge of the bed sucking Reggie's manly huge black dick for him. I figured it was kind of a bonus for having to wait so long for getting paid back. He had started leaking precum and made it so wet and lubed up for my mouth. After about ten or fifteen minutes he told me to move back. Then he slid my little pink panties off rubbing my legs as he went. He commented on my thick well trimmed dark pubic hair and my sexy little red mound. Yes all the excitement made my mound engorged with blood ready for the taking. The thought of his BBC entering me made my mouth water. He rubbed my thighs as he pushed my legs apart. Then I watched as he rubbed the tip of his huge black penis up and down my clit. My pussy was very wet and ready for action. He put just the tip in and then he pulled it out several times. I began to moan and then I begged him to stop teasing and fuck me. I felt him slide deep inside of me well past the point any of my previous lovers had gone. Oh God he felt so fucking wonderful inside of me. I dug my nails into his big round sexy black ass as he pumped his cock in me. I began to make lots of noise as we fucked. Never had I experienced pleasure like this from a man's penis. He bent down and kissed me and I stuck my tongue down his throat. We made out so passionately and I rubbed the back of his bald head.

Then after a while he pulled out and told me move over. He laid down and I got on top of him. I reached behind me centered his cock in my opening and lowered myself on to him. As I rode him he played with and sucked on my breast. It felt so good riding him. I saw my pathetic hubby naked watching us with his little cock in hand. He was masturbating to me fucking his coworker. I was paying his debt and he was enjoying himself. Why not? I just tilted my head back and continued to ride. Reggie then had me lay on my side and fuck me from behind. It felt wonderful but I wanted to see his face and the expressions he made as my pussy engulfed his cock. He tapped me on the shoulder for a position change and I sucked his cock for a few more minutes tasting his cock and my pussy juices on him. Then I laid back upon the bed again and he mounted me for the big finale. I just knew I would see fireworks as we finished. He got into a really good rhythm pumping that BBC into my married white pussy. I soon was crying out for him to fill me full of his seed. His yummy tasty black baby juice. It wasn't long before I felt us bucking together as his penis ejaculated all his semen deep inside of my. I could feel my cervix dipping into a huge pool of it and I grabbed the bed sheets as I climaxed screaming , yes, yes, yes, oh God! Yes! He kept pumping for a few minutes after we both climaxed and we made out again. Then he pulled out of me a long string of semen right back to the tip of his gorgeous sexy black cock. He laid down next to me for a few minutes. I laid across his legs and took his cock in my hand and began to lick the cum from him. I could taste my own fluids also. I devoured him and licked him as clean as a dog licks it's bowl. My husband was laying on the floor by the foot of our bed his own cum all over his cock and belly. I got up with Reggie's semen starting to run down my left leg. I laid next to my hubby and I took his little dick in my hand and stroked him. Then I licked his semen from his tummy and then I gave him head for a few minutes. His little cock got hard again and I climbed on top of him and rode him. I asked him if he liked the sloppy seconds. He said that he was so turned on watching me fucking Reggie. I was turned on fucking him too. Donnie and I managed to finish with him on top of me. He told me that my pussy was very wet and felt loose to him. I smacked him telling him what do you expect I fucked a man with a huge black cock you moron. Yeah I'm loose. But now I was awakened to a hunger or lust for BBC thanks to my hubby and a debt I gladly paid.


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  • You must be as dumb as your husband. White trash whore

  • Your mad because your mommy use to suck off all the sexy hot black men while your ugly daddy was at work. But hey it's ok honey. She got what she needed like a nice big fat cock. You poor poor baby, lol. Now go fuck yourself asshole. Oh yeah no woman wants your tiny little pecker. Lol.

  • What a whore, Sounds like you would have paid him more than $100 to fuck you.You should have just shown him your tits ,got him hard and told Donnie to suck him off till he shot his load, then You are Reggie make him swallow.

  • Why would I pay any man for sex. They should pay me. How much would you be willing to pay for the time of your life? I wonder?

  • For $100 bucks?

  • Well it sounds better than $60 doesn't it? I figured everyone would think how cheap I am fucking another man for less than a C-note. I would have done it for much less though.

  • Good story.

  • Way too stylized. You know exactly what's coming even before it happens. Still, it's a nice theme. Thanks for the effort.

  • Your welcome I will try better next time. I should have said he had me pull train on six escaped convicts.

  • I guess I could comment... but did anyone actually read all of that?! Too much! Try again! Also, oops sorry if he kills you in the process. What? I read as much as I could! Just kill her already!

  • Kill me? What the fuck are you talking about? I was never in any danger? Maybe in danger of having my pussy all stretched out of shape from a huge black cock but that's it. Reggie is the loan shark at my husband's place of work. You pay him one way or another. Anyway you need to read a book from time to time but your probably one of those, I'll wait for the movie to come out types. Your attention span is so short like that tiny thing between your little knobby legs. You probably live with your mommy also.

  • Well it happened to me as well last summer. No adult tho it was with one of my son's wrestling friends and I payed his debt loosing a championship match and this 230 pound senior gave me a fucking I'll remember as long as I live. My 128 pound body was no match for his and I scrummed to his hands and kisses and soon his 230 pound body and mine were going at it for nearly three hours cumming deep inside me twice as I squirmed on his huge cock. The biggest I have ever had to date and wanting more of him. God yes wanting more of him so much I called him at his house this morning and he's coming over this afternoon.

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