I have a question for the Blacks out there

I have a question for the Blacks out there
I am a white gal slender and fit and four months ago I have been involved with a 17 year old Black boy who pleases me wildly with his 9 inches, his sexual appetite is matching mine in every way up to seven times in a single day when my husband is away he'll even keep me company all night long.
My question is this..... Why do they need to share?
He wants me to fuc k his buddies to all 9 of them just a few at a time.
Yesterday he and three of his friends decided to call upon me just after 8 in th morning and past 5 in the early evening and the last one pulled outta me just as my husband drove into the garage and the four blacks took off out the back door. I bare had time to sit on the toilet draining what cum I could out of my pussy and ass god I'm still cumming. But that is my question.

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  • Yes blacks want to share their catch, I was an 18 year old white boy, and got taken by a 15 year old black boy as his bitch. In less than a month he's shared me with at least a dozen of his friends.

  • Heck its what id like to watch if I could get my wife to fuck black guys but she won't,she just fucks white guys.

  • First make sure they didn’t rob you.
    Secondly who cares you like black guys?You sound like a real loser.
    You should’ve stayed in school because your grammar really sucks.

  • Who gives a F U C K what you think

  • Ummmm... he is 17, of course he wants to share you.

  • You're supposed to get hooked on it.

  • My question is why are you such a cheating whore?

  • Wasn't meant to be me. It's his 10 inches that has got to me

  • I guess at 17 years old he is still growing because he has gained an inch.

  • Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXoaPeVXTgc my question this, how come everyone can see the blatant social slapping of white persons, from a black over married and over self re-invented nypho-socialadict climber with no grace ? but the royals? a whore is a whore of course of course countless she is of coarse remorse for the force she pushed on the deathlock divorce, Mr Fedup! horse face and leg mule butt face meggog looks on deal or no deal, look what matches up, suitcase girl, tv show suits, has kids hidden away and she is fat as a 10 horses in a row like her father and harry is probably tom thumb sr illegitamate kid so that would make meggogs and hairy two fatty gog-diggers on a whore n run! lol.

  • Its so niggo-farce bridezilla of "god dam it I will be diana and I will dam well walk myself down the aisle I done it so many times already! I will force my will on people and I will force myself on will too and charles and any one next in line to that dam throne so I can sit there!" she black she old she wtf? nutmeg a new spice grill? girl singer too. wahowa.

  • Bitch shut the fuck up. You do as your told. If I want my buddies to come and fuck your married white ass then that's what you'll do and not ask stupid questions about it afterwards. You want the cock don't you? Why ask a dumb ass question when you are enjoying so much attention and so many huge cocks? Why? You crack me the fuck up. Crazy ass white women. LOL. You nuts girl. You got the pussy we got the cocks. Nuff said. LMAO

  • Yes Master

  • I know what your saying. a while back I had an affair with a black co worker. w were hot and heavy and I loved his cock. but after a while he told me he wanted me to fuck 2 of his friends. I told him no and he hinted that he would send pics he took of us to my husband. I agreed and they all fucked me for over 3 months till my husband got transferred and we moved.i do admit that I think about how they used me once in a while.

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