Would it really matter?

If you were an 18 year old white boy and ended up getting dicked by a 16 year old black boy, even though you liked it would you feel embarrassed about it?

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  • I was beaten and raped in the boys locker room by several other boys. They made me perform oral sex on them also. They did it because I am different than other boys but not gay. It hurt very badly. It took more than a month for me to feel normal down there. I'm scared they might do it again so I got a note from my Dr. to get me out of gym class. I simply told him they make fun of my small penis and I feel like committing suicide. I'm not sure about my sexuality. Don't find girls attractive or even think much about being intimate with them either. Who am I? Just a weird freak I guess.

  • The race part wouldn't matter, the age might be some embarrassing if somebody found out, otherwise go for it.

  • I would keep doing it with him if you liked it, the race part doesn't matter.

  • I wouldn't be embarrassed, I would shoot myself in the head if I got fucked in the ass by a black, or any other man. Contrary to what this countries liberal population would have you believe, homosexuality is NOT normal, or socially acceptable, and in fact is downright disgusting.

  • I read a comment and II'll say this "Get with your own race, it'sonly it's only right"

  • Huh? Try stimulating your prostate, find out how good it feels, and then shut the fuck up.

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