My boyfriends Uncle Bill

I'm Lucy a 23 Year old girl I have been with my boyfriend since the 9th grade. My boyfriend and his family went out of town for a week long mini vacation and I had to stay behind because of work.
I was lonely and bored until I heard the doorbell ringing as I went to go see who it was I opened the door and standing there was uncle bill my boyfriend dad's younger brother.
I have to admit it but he is a very good looking handsome man, he's full of tattoos and has a body of a NFL running back and with the smile and dimples to make him even sexier.
I invited him in and asked if he would like a beer?
" Hell yeah I do" I was still in my work clothes as I went to get us a beer.
We cheered and chugged the beers.
Uncle Bill said that hit the spot, let's go get some more beer and something to take shots.
Ok uncle bill, let me change into something a little cooler!
Uncle Bill was a big flirt with every lady he met including me!
" Are you going to change into the shortest painted on tight booty shorts and a shirt that's to small for you?"
OMG Uncle Bill you are so bad! I'll be right back in a few minutes.
I stripped naked as I went through my clothes looking for the sleaziest and tightest shorts, I found silky almost see through shorts that I hadn't worn in a few years because my ass cheeks would be exposed and you could see the color of panties I was wearing and my boyfriend didn't let me wear them anymore.
I put on a hot pink g string, I found a lace bra and a t-shirt that was a couple sizes smaller than I wear.
Finished changing into my sleazy outfit, I looked at myself in the mirror and you could see my ass hanging out and my boobs literally popping out of the t-shirt.
I quickly went back to the living room,
Uncle Bill! You ready?
Uncle's eyes nearly popped out of his head.
"Wow! Nice outfit juicy Lucy! Mmmmmm I have to get another look at you and your outfit!
We walked outside and got in his Jeep and headed to the store.

As we walk into the store uncle bill reaches out and holds my hand as we enter the store, we grab some snacks and a couple bottles of tequila and few 30 packs of beer. We get back to the house and put the beer in the fridge and in a ice chest.
How bout pouring us a couple shots each as a chaser for the beer.
I poured 4 shot's and we toasted and down the hatch. We decided to go sit outside in the patio.

I sat next to uncle bill with my chair facing him, that way he could check me out.
We drank and talked, I was trying to think of a reason to get up so uncle bill would get another look at my ass.
Ready for another couple shots or you scared?
" Scared of a couple shots! Get them ready but let me see you work that ass in them booty shorts! "
I was waiting for him to say something.
I dropped my phone on the ground on purpose so I could bend over in front of uncle.
" Juicy girl! Juicy girl!"
I shook my ass side to side as I went to the house to get some shots.
I was feeling a little buzzed from the last shots and I was getting a little aroused with uncle bill's compliments.
I ran to my room and took the bra off and put the t-shirt back on and hurried outside with the shot's.
We stood at the bar inside the patio and did our shots.
I stood really close to uncle shaking my boobs next to him.
"Juicy girl I have a question for you? And be honest with me!"
A million things went through my head wondering what he was going to ask!
" Ok juicy my lucy, did you especially wear that for me to get me to check you out, which I have since you put it on! And what are you going to wear tonight when you go to bed?"
OMG! UNCLE BILL as my face turned a hundred different shades of red!
I'm so embarrassed! I did put this outfit on for two reasons one I have been wanting to wear this forever, but your nephew doesn't like me to wear it.
And yes I did want to get your undivided attention and I know there's no one else here but us.
Yes I wanted you to check me out!
" I even noticed the bra went missing when you brought the last round of shots and I felt your boobs bouncing on my arm, which I was hoping one of them would pop out of the shirt! And one more thing I have always found you sexy and attractive I been checking you out since you graduated from high school"
Ahhh really uncle bill that's so sweet, you just made my body tingle with happiness and arousal.
Can I give you a hug and a little kiss?
I wrapped my arms around uncle bill squeezing as hard as I can I grab his head and pull him down to me and kiss him on the lips.
As our lips locked I could feel uncle's hands on my ass as he gently grabbed each ass cheek.
I don't know what got into me but I was wanting uncle bill sexually and I wasn't going to take no for an answer.
I moved my hand down his shoulder to his chest and down into his shorts, I felt his huge throbbing cock pulsating.
Unbuttoning his shorts I let them drop as I hold his huge throbbing meat as my hands stroke his meat.
Uncle Bill tears my t-shirt off of me as his hands unbutton my shorts!
I feel his hand rubbing my wet pussy.
I drop to my knees as I hold his meat with both hands and guide it into my mouth. Slowly I start sucking him as I try getting as much of his meat down my throat .
Uncle Bill lifts me off my knees as we walk to the grass, laying me down on my back, uncle bill sucks my boobs and licks my nipples,as he kisses his way down my body,he spreads my legs as I feel his tongue on my clit, sucking my clit my back arching from the pleasure his tongue is giving my pussy,he turns me over spreading my ass cheeks he works his tongue into my tight hole pushing it deep into my ass.
He turns me on my back as his huge meat pushes it's way into my pussy.
As he gets inside of me a inches at a time I feel my pussy stretching it is painful but it feels wonderful at the same time.
My body shaking with pleasure as tears of passion and euphoric pain I I scream with ecstasy digging my nails into his back!
Uncle Bill rolls to his back as I position myself to ride him, slowly I take as much of his meat that I can handle, I begin riding him I could almost feel his meat on my stomach within a few minutes I have the greatest orgasm I have ever had and yes it was my first real one!!
I jump towards his head as cum gushes out my pussy.
I lay there as My body trembles from the orgasm
I couldn't move a muscle for a few minutes or more!
Dripping with sweat and cum all over the both of us I had enough strength to move to his lips kissing him.
We fell asleep for a few hours and when we woke up, I was still in lala land my body was sore and my pussy was hurting in a pleasurable way.
We cuddled the rest of the night as we slept together and had another awesome day of amazing sex.

10 days ago

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      We get it! You deputized yourself to be the Anti-Incest Warrior and think you get to decide what can’t be posted in here.

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      Then you post rants about Chinese people and Mark Zuckerberg censoring content while at the same time requesting NaughtyPosts to remove posts you don't like. Fucking hypocrite Karen!

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      You're even dumber than anyone on here when you try to obscure by posting it as '' which is obviously not a real domain. You really are that stupid, Karen.

      But both of your email addresses above have been forwarded to the FBI for the Child Exploitation materials that are sold through those two email addresses.


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