Feel dumped by a lesbian

I fucked a lesbian friend of mine, and now I'm in love/heartbroken. She's Lisa, a 37 year-old lesbian who has been in a same-sex relationship with her wife for 16 years, legally married to her for 10. I'm a 27 year-old single male and we work at the same place, but in different departments.

I've been friends with Lisa for about a year. She's really nice, super smart, and loves art and literature just like me. We occasionally, but not often, go out for lunch and to art galleries, poetry readings, stuff like that. Last Saturday we had lunch for the first time in months and went shopping at book stores, and afterwards she invited me to her apartment. I asked if her wife would mind, and she said that she was out of town visiting her elderly parents. She said she wanted to show me her book collection. I said ok. I was a little thrilled by the invite, since I've always kind of had a crush on her--she's chubby, but really pretty, beautiful face, and dresses nice, though, of course, I know she is a married lesbian. I enjoy her company big time.

We hung out, had a couple of drinks, and she asked if I was dating anyone. I said "No, not at this time." She replied that she was surprised, since I was a smart, cute, metrosexual type. I asked her if she really thought I was attractive and she said yes. We had another drink, made more small talk, and then she flat-out said, "I confess, I want to make out with you." I asked when the last time she was with a guy, and she said in her late teens, nearly 20 years ago.

We ended up having red-hot, passionate love-making sex all night and into the next morning. My dick was literally sore from how often we went at it, and my nuts were like raisins by the end, with nothing more to produce. Sex with Lisa felt really special, and I didn't want to leave in the morning, but her wife was going to be coming home soon. I felt like soulmates with Lisa.

I've told Lisa how special she made me feel, and she said that she understood and enjoyed it too. I've hinted that I'd like to get "involved" with her on that level again, but she said, "We can't do that anymore. I'm married."

WTF is that?!?! She fucks my brains out, takes a liter of my seed in her vagina, steals my heart, and now she just wants to be "friends" again? I seriously feel like I've been dumped off a cliff. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to get over her and her tender touch and kisses. This hurts worse than any legitimate breakup that I've ever had. Ever.


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  • This is not a lesbian. This is a bi- or pansexual woman.

  • She just wanted some dick for a change. Consider yourself a stud and move on.

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