Stomach sitting

I love it when a guy (who has weight on him like 200-250 lb) sits on my stomach... Forcefull.. Like the thought of not needing able to get up or having trouble breathing is like such a torn on for me is rediculous... Like you can sit on me any time anywhere around anyone it doesn't matter... I love it! You don't let me up until your ready wrether it be 30 minutes an hr all day doesn't matter. I just can't find a guy who doesn't think he gonna hurt me lol they just don't get it

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  • I get a big thrill out of sitting on a woman. It really arouses me and turns me on and I know that some women like it too. I know a woman who craves having her husband sit on her stomach. She finally talked him into doing it. And when he found out that it didn't hurt her but rather she ENJOYED it he started sitting on her on a regular basis. My favorite place to sit on a woman is full weight on her stomach. I like the sensation of my weight slowly sinking into her belly. I weigh about 200 pounds but most women can build up to supporting that much weight if they want to.

  • I assume that you are a woman. What size are you that guys are afraid to sit on you?

  • I'm about 150-160

  • I weigh about 200 pounds and would love to sit on you.

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