Going Limp??

I'm straight but ever since I gave a guy a blowjob, I start going limp sometimes fucking my wife. I imagine sucking a cock and it perks right up again. Why?

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  • I fuck my wife Lisa thinking about fucking a guy in the ass,when she's up on all 4'sides I fancizize I'm fucking a man! When she's jerking me off I pretend it's a happen jerking me off I stay rock hard that way,and when I eat her pussy I pretend she got a load of cum up her pussy,she has no idea I love both dick and pussy...Ron P

  • If you willingly sucked a dick, you're gay.

  • I'm sorry but these comments are cracking me up

  • Once you go limp for pussy it's over

  • Going limp when having sex with women is your body's way of telling you that you like men, especially if you already sucked a cock. Sperm has dna in it and you ingested millions of those little swimmers and they absorbed into your body, turning you into a homosexual.

  • Going limp while fucking your wife is confirmation you like cock more than pussy. Might as well your wife you're gay. Better yet the next time you have sex, once you go limp (because you know it happens EVERYDAY time you fuck), tell her you're gay right then. Trust me, she knows already ;)

  • If you go limp while fucking pussy, strike one. If you get hard thinking about cock, strike two. And if you actually sucked a dick? Strike three my man, you are gay!

  • Id allways wondered what sucking a cock would be like and i tried it just once, I was sitting on a bench after a shower and this young guy was standing next to me drying his hair and his cock was hanging so close and the guy realised i was staring at it and moved closer,no one was around and i was sucking it the guy had pushed me down and i was kneeling there with him pushing it in and out and i got really carried away pulling at his arse, he shot his load in my mouth ,dressed and walked of,It was a one of and allthough it was quite an experience iv never felt that urge again ,Its women only for me

  • Well you start off saying you've already sucked a cock, and you're surprised you go limp in pussy?? You get hard for cocks. That's all it is. Embrace that tasty penis...mmmmmm

  • I think you like the penis more than the vagina

  • You're gay dude. If you suck a cock willingly, you are forever gay.

  • You sucked a cock. You are gay and that's why you go limp fucking pussy.

  • You need to tell your wife you cheated on her with another guy and sucking his cock turned you gay. The cock addiction is permanent from the first one you suck, I say "first" because there will be more in your future.

  • If you think of sucking cock to get hard so you can fuck your wife, you are gay.

  • Because you're gay

  • Ummm cause you are gay?

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