Sugar daddy

I just turned 21 and I want a sugar daddy. I have a really nice body from working out so much. I was a stripper in college. I don't like young guys. I want someone to take care of me and I'll be his whore. I'll do whatever he wants in bed and I'll be a lady outside. I just don't know how to meet a sugar Daddy that's not going to use me. I met a lot of guys in the strip club like that. Anyone have any suggestions. And I don't want any rude remarks. If serious I'll send u my pics.

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  • If you want a sugar daddy you’ll also going to want him to take care of you and buy u nice things. How don’t you want him to use you I don’t understand.

  • They are easy enough to find. There are plenty of divorced guys in the 35-60 range. Most will want you to contribute something to the relationship other than your mouth, pussy, and ass, so think about what else you have to offer. It helps if you can maintain a conversation, for instance.

  • I fucked my way through college. I guess it's the same. I fucked my professors to get good grades and I fucked for cash to pay my tuition. I have a masters degree in civil engineering and I'm lucky I know how to spell it let alone apply it. But hey, I got a good job with it and my flirty attitude helps me keep my job. Men are so dumb.

  • He uses you, you use him, neither should care. Just getting your share. Workin' on the night moves, without any love, both of you lose !

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