I dress that way on purpose

I suppose I would call it a fetish, I dress to show off my body casually. I will wear a short dress or skirt with either a string thong or nothing on under it then leave my legs slightly open when I notice a man looking my way. I will wear loose fitting tops that show everything from my neck to my waist when I bend over and get that grocery item off the bottom shelf. I also have another really fun thing I do now and then but men just respond in so many different ways to it. I will go there with a topic in mind like remodeling my bathroom, find a super helpful guy and with any luck he is single. I then ask dozens of questions flirting with him the whole time, putting my breast against his arm and really showing him cleavage. After all of this I tell him he has been super helpful and ask him if there is a somewhere we can go so I can give him a BJ. Some have told me no but some have told me yes but most of the time it happens at their house. I give them my number and have them text me when they are home and this has led to some really great evenings.
One guy who is one of my greatest lovers is someone who if you looked at him you would think he is just as mild mannered as can be, around 6'2" tall, probably 260 pounds balding with a big full beard. He is retired army and has worked there for about ten years just so he can get out and be with people, loves to help them out and find what they need. I gave him my line and he looked at me and told me that would be great then told me that there really was no place here at the store for that to happen but he was off in about two hours if I wanted to come by his place. I texted him to see if he was home and headed over wearing just a dress and heels, when I showed up I was really impressed with his house and yard, he told me he did it all himself. I like a man that can work with his hands I told him and wow does he ever. The first thing he wanted to do was give me a full body massage not the blow job, I was fine with that thinking how good could this guy be at it. OMG I was in heaven once he began giving me a massage, the man is a genius at reading a woman and massaging all the knots out of everywhere. His foot massage was orgasmic, he caressed and teased me into a frenzy, I was trying to rub myself on the mat right at the fold to get some stimulation and I think he knew exactly what I was doing. He rolled me over after five minutes of kissing and licking my cheeks and I was soaked, the moment his tongue started exploring me he was looking right up at me reading my reactions and licking me like he knew me.
If this were not enough, he picked me right up off that table and carried me to his bedroom, he then started undressing and wow was I impressed with the size of him. He just kept right on caressing and kissing me while his cock grew to enormous, the guy has a nine inch thick as ever cock and his balls are huge. I could not believe it as I stretched my hand down to grab it, my fingers looked like a little kids wrapped around half of it. I could not wait to get him inside me and that came next, I spread my legs out wide and held on to it with one hand and put the other on his stomach so I could push back if needed and it was needed. It took some slow in and out but finally his whole cock was in me and making me tremble, it began feeling really good and I told him to go harder and faster, soon my legs were getting pushed out more and I could feel myself sinking into his mattress with each thrust. I really love it that way, a guy just thrusting into me and putting all his weight behind it. I could feel those massive balls hitting my thighs and cheeks until he finally could not hold back anymore. He backed up and was bringing his cock up towards me to stroke him, I grabbed the head of it and began stroking him hard and watched as the sperm shot out and landed on me. This guy was a keeper, seriously great lover and had a cock like no other guy I knew.
He rolled off of me and onto his back, I just had to play with his cock more so I got on top of him and began licking and sucking on it. I could only fit one testicle in my mouth at a time and there was no way I was going to fit the whole thing in my mouth. I joked with him that deep throating was not going to happen and he told me that he prefers that his head just get all the attention anyways. We get together weekly as a minimum and sometimes I just tell him I am here to suck his cock because I love to just feel it in my hands and watch him have an orgasm. He even grabbed me one time after I told him I just wanted to give him a bj, he pulled my shirt and bra right off and caressed and kissed me all over eventually stripping me completely and making me miss my hair appointment. I told her what happened and she told me she would have done the same thing in a heartbeat.

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  • You sound like my daughter x

  • You had my attention at, short skirt and no underwear mmmmm

  • You go, I want a piece of that myself!

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