Gf fkd best friend

So me n my girl were together about 3 yrs n lived together from day one. I cant remember why but i made her leave. Knowing how we were we were gonna get back together once we cooled off. Both of us r hot heads. Well she ended up bumping into my best friend at he offered her to stay at his place. Honestly i would have trusted that previously. She had nowhere to go and didnt want her on the street and knowing we would probly b rite bk together. Well he had been away for awile and hadnt had pussy in a long time. I got drunk one night n decided i wanted to talk. I went down and bfor i could knock i could hear talking. The window was open. I crept around n looked in n i could see them both sitting on the couch watching tv n talking. I could hear them talking about him being away so long n how hard it must have been n things like that. She got up n went to the bathroom. When she came bk out she had on a pink tank top with no bra and no underwear n just white stockings all the way up her thighs. That was my fav pre sex get up by the way. He says omg what r u doing. She says i was thinking uve done so much for me letting me stay here the least i can do is help u out. She walked over to him n got on her knees n unzipped his pants. He was already hard so it flung rite out. She said, (and i was thinking it) oh my ur big. She immediately started licking it. I didnt realize he was that big cuz guys usually brag or whtevr when they r big but he never did and he was easily 10 inches and very very thick. I could hear gagging on it as she slobbered all over his cock. I had so much goin thru my head but i was froze. Also i was getting hard n started stroking it. After a few min he said omg "Stacy" i have to have u now!. He picked her up n took her over to the bed. He layed her down n started sucking in her delicous pussy. And was good pussy too. So tight and she was a squirter and would cum many times. He undresses n she says give it to me baby i need to feel u inside me. I watched as he slowly slid his big fat cock into my girlfriend. She squirmed and gasped for breathe. They slowly made love while she moaned in pain and extasy. My best friend and love of my life staring into each others eyes and kissing while he takes her pussy. She says multiple time times shes cumming. I can hear her squirting all over his dick. Finally he says im gonna pull out soon im gonna cum soon. She grabs his head n pulls his face to hers n says i want u to cum inside me. He says omg r u sure? She says (in the sexiest voice ever) uh-huh, u own this pussy. As soon as she said that he starts pounding her good. Hes yellin take this dick bitch n she yellin blow it in my guts daddy, fill me with ur seed. I swear we cum at the same time. He pulls her as hard as he can down on his dick n just starts pumping her guts full of thick load. I left after that and never said anything.

11 months ago

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