My Mom and her best friend

After my dad passed away when I was around 13 my mom started hanging out with a friend of hers that was also without a husband but thru divorce. They were quite the pair and without sounding to bad I must admit that my mom was really gorgeous at this time in my life. I would get so excited on the weekends when she would walk around the house wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of panties, her nipples would always be poking out the material.
I was in my room one night and the two of them were drinking and talking on the back patio. I heard one of them say something like Holy shit are you okay? I listened for a moment and there was some laughing but then my name was being called out. I came downstairs and outside to see my mom laying face down on the patio, her drink spilled on the ground. She was passed right out from drinking to much, later I found out that there was some pills involved as well. Her friend was not doing much better and asked me to help her get my mom up and to a bedroom, it took some doing but we got her onto her bed and I went back to my room. I heard her friend in the room talking to herself I guess then heard the toilet flush. I guess it was about twenty minutes later and I heard loud snoring.
I walked down the hallway and both of them were on the bed crashed out, she had removed my moms bra and socks as they were laying next to the bed. I looked in closer and could tell that the two of them were just passed right out sleeping so I went up next to the bed and pulled the covers back from my moms upper body. Neither one of them budged as I lifted up my moms shirt and looked up at her boobs, her nipples were larger than I expected them to be and I was really turned on by the sight of them. I got braver and slid my fingers up there running them around her breasts and nipples then went back to my room with a serious boner.


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  • You should have fucked them both

  • How did you not suck all those titties?!

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