I jerked off to old pics of my wife being creampied

I was going through my wife’s old computer from her college days and came across a folder labeled “fun” so I proceeded to open it and it was of my wife having sex and pulling off a dick with cum pouring out of her. After looking through them I realized that they were when we were dating and I wanted to get made but at the same time it made me really horny so I proceeded to send them to my phone and jerk to them. She still doesn’t know that I have them or that I jerk to them.

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  • I wish I could find out that my fiancée let another man take her virginity, like this, and that it happened while she’s with me.

  • Back in the '90s I had just started dating this girl, and was helping clean her house when I came across several rolls of undeveloped film in a drawer. Yeah, camera film, not cell phone pics. Long time ago. Like you had to go to the store to get the film developed. She said they were old and didn't know what was on them, so go ahead and get them developed. Well, I picked up the pictures from the store and looked at them in the car, before driving back to her place. I was curious. Most of the pics were just normal stuff, but one of the sets of pics had a few of her getting fucked by some dude. There were also a few pics of her friend fucking the same guy, so I think they traded off with camera duties. I felt really jealous, because the guy who fucked her was much more fit and hung than I. We didn't last long.

  • Similar thing here, found a VHS tape of my wife’s in her old stuff boxed from her old bedroom at her parents house. Her mom told me to take it with me one day after they cleaned her old bedroom. I brought it home and she was out for the day. I opened the box and found VHS tapes. I put them in and most were just her and her friends but one was a sex tape.

  • Vhs? How old are those videos?

  • From the mid 90s. Her mom packed up her stuff and I picked up the boxes. I have that old vhs tape in its plastic case in a box in the garage. Maybe I’ll oull out the vcr and try and watch again...
    In the tape she strips for the camera, in her old bedroom at her moms house. The camera gets put onto a dresser pointed at the bed and the guy goes to the bed where they make out and she sucks him and he goes down on her then they have sex missionary and doggy. It’s really sexy to see her legs in the air getting pounded and kissing and moaning for another guy. He did some close ups on her young body and pussy that looked really good!

  • How old was she then? And how soon after did you get with her? Does she still know the guy? Would you invite him to do her again?

  • I have plenty like that I found my wife had hidden and a few videos she made with men I have no idea who they are. When I found them I went downstairs and put a VHS in the player and bam. I see her getting pounded by a huge fucking BBC. My heart sank but my cocks is hard. I ended up blowing my jis all over the freakin sofa. Then I put in another tape and she was a sucking two cocks at once. Holy fuckin shit, my chest was pounding so hard and my body was shaking all over. I had a couple hours till she got home from work and I could hardly wait. I didn't tell her what I found. But I jumped all over that bitch and fucked her silly twice. She said what's gotten in ya man. I said I had just watched some of the hottest porn and was so excited I needed a release. She said watch porn more often. I have two more tapes to look at and can't wait.

  • Omg man please let me see. arlundfletcher6@gmail.com

  • Dcommunicator@hotmail.com

  • I’d love to see them please mate

  • Love to see those pics buddy

  • What’s your email?

  • Arlundfleatcher6@gmail.com

  • Can't wait

  • It’s saying invalid email. I’m the one that posted the confession, My email is: mikerluke@hotmail.com

  • My wife has a couple of dozen sex pics from before we were together. She was a bit of a party girl, and so were her friends. I was initially uptight/upset about seeing them, but I've gotten over it. The pic that gets me is one with her on her knees blowing a guy on a couch while you can also see a load dripping out of her twat. She had obviously been freshly fucked. Also in the pic are two guys standing around drinking beer with their dicks hanging out just watching, as well as some girl nude from the waist down smoking a cigarette and watching too. I asked her which guy(s) she fucked, but she refuses to talk about it.

  • Ask her when you're fucking her or when she's drunk and horny.

  • My wife holds on to her old cell phones for some reason she thinks that they cannot be completely wiped of the data. I was bored one day and turned on one of them, it was one she had during college about twelve years ago. I was flipping thru the pictures laughing at some of them when a pic of her taking a selfie with a dark cock in her mouth appeared. The next several shots were the same thing just different angles with the last one showing cum dripping down it and her still sucking on it. I hooked it up to my laptop and transferred the pics over, I open them up now and then because for some reason it turns me on know this other side of her. I have looked thru all of her old phones but did not find any other porn like that on them.

  • I started dating a friends ex.He was cool with it and told me she was a fun energetic girl.One night after some weed I showed him nudes she had sent me and then he got his phone out and showed me videos of her sucking him off and then him fucking her.It was surprisingly a turn on and I talked her into hanging out with him getting high and we ended up having a threesome.But it was more like me laying on the side of them jerking and watching as he gave her the pussy pounding she had been missing.She came several times easily and then he came in her and then I shot my load over my own chest.

  • Wow, I would love for that to happen with my wife.

  • Yes I too found my wife's old sex videos.They were before we were together though.When we were newly dating about 5 months we were out with a friend of hers and they got talking about relationships and exs and first she said she was the happiest she's ever been and then she said something like guys with big dicks are generally assholes.So I kinda asked who did know with a big dick and she said her last ex.I was curious how big it was.
    So many months later I was going through some of her things as she had moved into mine and put boxes in the loft.Found an old laptop and had a look through the files.Oh my god.Lots of sex videos.And the guys dick was huge.Like 9 inches.My wife took it all and enjoyed it.I enjoyed watching her take it too.Watched them all and had several masturbation sessions.Loved seeing her pussy filled with cum or her getting it dumped over her boobs or face.
    Obviously I married her a couple years later and still watch her videos that she has no idea about.But there's a part of me that wouldn't mind watching her get fucked seriously hard by her big dicked ex for real.

  • Tell me about that shit for real me too. Oh man made me angry and horny as fuck all at once. I'm telling you dat shit better than fucking cocaine. My cocks was so hard I could have busted cinderblocks in half baby. Better than Viagra and cheaper too.

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