Alone time

When digital cameras became popular, I had my wife take some nude pictures of me. She did not want to be photographed herself, but I did manage to get a short video of us having sex.
Later on she did not want to take any more pictures, but then I did some of myself when alone.
It makes alone time so much more enjoyable.

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  • Digitals are so fun, especially nudes. Took a memory card full of my hot older sister at her apartment when she lived alone. Started out just trying the new camera (not phone), then hey, how about a fun, sexy pose, then more direct, take it off shots. Those became all the time. I'd go to the apartment, and if she was out of the shower and still in her robe, open it up and let it drop.

    Lot of times, the nude shots were the result of several drinks, or her just being up for being my naked model. She never wore much around the apartment anyway, and was a free spirit, so no matter how many I took, she was ok with more. Would even impromptu pose and tell me "Get this one".

    Some of the hottest pics I got of her weren't planned, like when she'd bend back to stretch, hands on hips, long nails across her flat, tanned tummy, fully naked. Maybe her head was turned to one side, so I'd get the front of her nude body, and her back-length long hair partially covering her face. Was very sexy.

  • You are so lucky, The only model I have is myself...

  • My wife didn't want me taking nudes of her. Since we live nude and had all the opportunity in the world I succumbed to temptation and snapped a few sneaky pics on my phone.

    She had a great pose going half stretched out on the couch with her long blond hair spread out nicely. I was behind her, took out my phone and she heard the click. She immediatly knew and popped around at me and said I know what your doing.

    I stuttered and muttered and she said let me see it. It was a very nice shot! She looked at it, paused and said you can take all the pics and vids you want, if you post no more pics or vids. I've lost about 1000 pics in a computer crash.

  • At least you now have an excuse to get new stock. And new exciting ways!

  • I’m female and masturbate to my own naked pictures.

  • Taking the pictures is half the fun, and excitement.

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