I am a mother to 3 children. I have also breastfed all of my children. After my last was born my ex and I were having sex when he started sucking on my tits. This turned me on big time and before long my milk let down and was gushing into his mouth. This drove me absolutely wild. Now my child is older and I'm no longer lactating. I long to have someone to help me bring my milk back and nurse on a daily basis. The thought turns me on so much. Does anyone have experience with this? Is this a strange desire? How would you approach asking a partner about this?

16 days

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    • The best sexual experiences I ever had was when I was nursing and my husband would nurse as I rode his cock.

      I truly miss those days.

      I think it is a normal desire. Problem is that you have to be a new mom to have the correct hormones to bring in your milk. But maybe you can find a doctor willing to prescribe the hormones.

    • I'd love to nurse! I was super excited when I found out my wife was pregnant, not only was it my first child, but I had so many sexual fantasies involving pregnancy. I so badly wanted to nurse, but my prude wife thought it was weird and wouldn't let me! She is such a buzzkill when it comes to's pretty much missionary and nothing else.

    • I'm sorry. I wish more people were more open minded.

    • My Dil had kids, and she was making so much she had extra and her tits needed emptied one day. She knew I was looking at her sundress with wet nipples, and asked “want some”….I was astounded, but said yes. So she pulled the dress down and my god, what beautiful formed and full breasts. She cradled my head and stroked my hair as I suckled her sweet milk. Then near the end she reached over and touched my cock through my pants and I just exploded wave after wave of cum, till it hurt and I lost my breath

    • Did it go any further? Ongoing?

    • Lucky guy.

    • When I was still nursing I also made a ton of milk. Every time I'd orgasm it would just let down a d spray everywhere. She is a lucky lady.

    • I would love the times that my wife was pregnant and she would sit on my cock and move around my cock to find her sweet spot. Sometimes she would get so excited, I would worry about her breaking my cock right off. Her tits are big when she’s not pregnant 36 DDD, when she became pregnant they got even bigger. After our baby was born and she started having lots of milk, she would be on top of me, working my cock over like a woman in need. Her pussy was more swollen and tighter. Looking up and seeing her big titties hanging there, I couldn’t help but suck on them. Warm milk flowed into my mouth as warm cum filled her tight pussy. She had so much milk that it would drop-down onto my chest as she work my cock. Then, when my chest was covered with milk, she’d lay those big tits that were even bigger now, right on top of my chest. She’d grind them into me and we’d both had multiple intense Os. We discovered as her pussy was having an Orgasm around my thick cock, more milk would drip out! A few years later I met a woman who was 4 and still breast feeding her kid. She said her husband hated her dripping.

    • I loved it when my ex was pregnant lol

    • Where do you live?

    • Tampa. I’ll be at Starbucks downtown today at 1 pm. My boobs are leaking milk right now and need to be emptied. Would you help me out? Or anyone else??

    • Oh bave if only u were in Australia I would suck the life out of them. Pm

    • Im at

    • Wrong email address

    • Oh god, I’m 60 and would nurse on you every day. I love it.

    • That would be amazing

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