Back in HS

Back in highschool I dated a girl for 5 or 6 months. She had a cousin that would hang out with her and her friends occasionally, she's was real shy and unpopular but actually pretty cute in my opinion. We were all hanging out one night and I ended up having to give her a ride home. She was pretty much silent the whole way home, I dropped her off and went home. She text me a little while later with no context "I wanted to make a move but I was too nervous". I couldn't believe what I was reading at first. This was so unexpected coming from her. We continue to text and she tells me she's always been attracted to me but was afraid to tell me because I might tell her cousin (my gf). I'm super turned on by this, I knew even texting her I was risking getting caught but I liked the thrill of it. I end up going back by her house and picking her up. I drove her to the park, she is literally almost silent she's so shy. I had to ask her like are you sure? Want me to do make the first move? She nodded her head yes and I went for it, we made out for several minutes. I pulled her shorts down and fingered her, she was gushing it was super hot. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I didn't have a condom and it was like 2 AM at this point so I dropped her back off and went home. We continue to text and I told her not to tell anyone what happened. She becomes seriously attached to me through text, telling me she loves me and wants to run away with me. I continue messing with her knowing I'm playing with fire. Finally I went for it, I picked her up one day after school and took her back to my parents house and I'm fucking her in missionary and my mom walks in on us, straight up. My mom is like who ts that? Where's (my girlfriend)? Does she know?? It was a whole ordeal. I was in trouble for a few weeks but after that I went right back to her. I would fuck her and my gf in the same day some times. Things with her just got more and more wild until one day I cut her off. Thank goodness she never said a word. My gf never found out but I eventually broke up with her for another girl and broke her heart lol. Good times.

16 days

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