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I was recently separated from my wife. I still live in the same house. I have been standing out side her bedroom door and listening to her boyfriend fucking her. I can't believe what a turn on it is. He recently caught me so my life has changed dramatically again. I'm turning into some other kind of person.

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  • I used to live Nextdoor to a young girl named Casey while I was having my house built. After a while I started to notice what a cute body she had. I was dating my girlfriend now wife at the time. I was 32 and Casey and I finally got to talking. There were times she would ask me to help her put small items together. This became a thing with me helping her.
    One day after suspecting my girl was having one nighters when she went out with her friends Casey and I became close. One night she invited me over and we had some of the best sex ever. I made sure I was pleasing her in every which way possible. We were fucking each other’s brains out almost every chance we got. The sex was way better with Casey than with my girl. After paying my girl little attention she must have felt the distance and wanted to be closer to me. She had even suspected us of having a thing. There was even a time we caught her trying to listen as Casey came by.
    Casey started having feelings for me and I didn’t really think it would happen.I was really enjoying things the way they were.
    I eventually moved out and married my girl.Sometimes sad things can lead to good things.

  • It's quite normal you have these feelings. Not long after we were married my husband confessed to me that he wanted to watch me with other men. It really turns him on thinking about me either fucking or performing oral sex on other men. He got me to tell him stories about being with others. So during sex I would give him what he wanted cause I told him that I would never do it for real. I did cheat on him though one time with a previous boyfriend for about a year. But I don't have the desire to be with others while he watches. Fantasies are ok though. I tell him about some dreams I have had which really turns him on.

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