I keep him happy

My husband told me a few weeks before my maternity leave was going to end that if I wanted to stay home and raise our son instead of putting him into daycare we would make it work. I was scared and thrilled all at the same time but three kids and thirty some years goes fast and he did more than make it work. I always tried to give him what ever he wanted but I know there were times in there that weeks or even a more than a month went by without any sex. It happened again and I told myself that he needed at least something no matter if I wanted sex or not because I was not going to be like my friend. She complained all the time that her husband bugged her for sex and she ended up getting what she wanted, he left her for another woman and he no longer bugged her for sex. All I heard from her was what a jerk he was and then how lonely she was all the time.
I started making time, it takes less then five minutes some times and he is happy as ever. I tease him all the time but when we get some alone time I make sure he gets pleasured, I even pick him up from work for lunch sometimes and give him a blow job in the van, those fold down seats in the back are awesome, someone was thinking about sex when they made those things. I make his thing my priority whenever I can and I am always ready or get ready if he is not tired when we go to bed at night. I even make up excuses some times but tell him to lay back while I suck him off, I discovered years ago that he loves it when I tell him things like I want to suck your cock or one time when he was standing I told him to fuck my face and he lasted like thirty seconds. I sometimes go kneel in the laundry room when I hear his car pulling into the garage, he knows what he is getting as soon as he walks thru the door. He unzips and puts it right into my mouth and I suck on him hard and fast but a lot of the time he grabs my hair and thrusts himself in and out. I give him what ever he wants anytime he wants it.


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  • I don't know why he doesn't fuck you? It only seems natural to me to want to fuck your pussy. Feel your tits while sucking your nipples, pounding you pussy until he shoots his load deep inside you.

  • As long as you keep him happy sucking him off you shouldn’t have to worry about him wandering off

  • Bless you...

  • .... and hes a lucky guy, good girl! Need more of em like you :)

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