I love sex. Sex and masturbating. I've been at this for years. Sex...i think of random sex....i like to dominate women but i prefer to be screwed by a man. Idk it's just the thrill of being made to take it...take it all. But I'm suffering right now. I don't have my own place. So i have no opportunity to do this. Im stuck masturbating. Its getting old. Im scared Im going to start being reckless just for sex. It got out of hand before. My addiction. Im trying to control myself. Not sure if i can. Im in a relationship....but he told me no sex. So i have been trying to be a good girl. But I'm irritated and aggravated. He says its all i want. But it isn't all i want. But now I fear he is right. I just want to use him for his sex. Ughhhh such confusion. Im 29 and I'm so mixed up. Help


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  • Try getting into porn. May as well get paid to have sex if your addicted to it.

  • Yeah, it's an addiction. mmm hmm. yes it is.

    for instance, I think about many many fat hard cocks using all of my holes, fucking me and cumming everywhere, gallons of it covering every inch of me. Then putting on my clothes, small things, without cleaning at all and walking home through town at about 4pm. maybe going into a bar and ordering a drink and sitting at the bar, covered in cum and stretched out.

    If I were totally addicted I may go make this happen. and I'm a straight guy

  • So what should i do??? I want to be bad. I've been bad before. And it was invigorating. I felt free and wicked.

  • I dunno. you decide if being a slut is better than being loyal and go with that.

  • Damn it. I'm back where i started

  • Well, the last thing most people want to be is a lying, deceiving person. maybe tell your SO that you want to be a slut. see what happens. if you really do want that then live it but do it truthfully. You'll feel better about yourself. there's nothing inherently wrong with being a slut, it just means you are sexually promiscuous. protect the ones you love while being true to yourself

    that's all I got. I'm happily married so my fantasies will remain fantasies. I masturbate a lot.

  • I don't think i will ever be married. I have plenty of toys. They will suffice. They don't talk back. Thank you. You have been much help.

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