Quick question I'm in college but I've really been wanting to wear something cute that showed some skin. You know before it starts getting cold out, just not sure if it'll be appropriate for school, I was thinking on wearing a off the shoulder crop top but with a high waisted skirt, so not that much tummy shows maybe like 3 or 4 inches will show, but the skirt is also on the short side it shows a good amount of leg, and was thinking a pair of heels maybe but idk not sure, what do you guys think would that be appropriate ? thanks

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  • Don't forget white full-butt panties under the skirt.

  • You'll get plenty of attention from guys, but be aware that your female friends will think that you are lesser for doing so.

  • If you're looking to receive lots of attention and casual sex, just carry right on as you are, but don't complain if you receive attention you don't want. There's a difference between dressing fashionably and dressing like a slut.

  • Send me pics of yourself dressed up and I’ll rate them for you. Too much will get you in trouble and too little will waste your time.

  • Sounds fantastic if you want to look like a whore

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