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So wife and I are sitting on the couch watching TV. She just up and asks me, "Have you ever sucked dick?" I say, "What the hell did that come from?" She said, "I dunno. So have you?" I said, "Ppl don't just up and ask that. Someone trying to start shit?" She said, "Honey, relax. I just was curious." I said, "Have you ever eaten pussy?" She said, "Yep." I said, "Really? Like a one time and didn't like it type thing?" She said, "No. Done it several times. Like it just fine. Just gotta be drunk or with the right girl or in the mood for it." I said, "When was the last time you did?" She said, "Woah. Wait a min. Answer my question." I said, "Yes. I've sucked dick." She said, "Really? Experimenting type thing?" I said, "When I first did it, yeah." She said, "More than one time?" I said, "You really want to know?" She said, "Yes. I think it's facinating...and kinda hot."

I said, "Well, I've done it more than once. Well, more than one guy. Started back in middle school. My best friend. If he hadn't moved when he did, I would probably be gay now." She said, "Why?" I said, "Well, I stayed the night with him or he with me almost every weekend for about 2 years. Started off experimenting but we both liked it and kept doing it." She said, "When was the last time?" I said, "Before we got married." She said, "You sure about that?" I said, "Fine. Last Saturday night." She said, "I saw you and him through his window. I'm not mad. It was actually super hot seeing the two of you 69."

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  • There is some ewww factor to this

  • There's a lot of ewww to this.

  • How? If they're both down for it?

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