Red handed

I really thought my wife had left the house, and like any normal husband of 12 years, I decided to check out some porn, and rub one out with no distractions. I had the tv on, and my phone on some good ol fashioned gangbang porn, and well, got to business. I was pretty much taking it slow, enjoying myself and for whatever reason i happened to look up and saw my wife holding her phone pointed right at me . I was right in our den, sitting on the sofa, hardon in hand and watching gangbang porn.
She didnt freak out, instead she just kept the phone pointed at me and nodded to keep going. I stopped, and asked what the heck? She didn't say a word, and came closer. She looked at my phone, and saw a woman being dp'd surrounded by men, and kept the phone right on me .
"Jerk it" she said. I felt kinda weird, but decided to make a show of it.
So i jerked off for another few minutes, and then exploded in my open hand, shuddering with the climax.
I watched her follow me with the phone to the sink, and then she put the phone in her pocket.
She took my phone that still had the video playing and watched for a few seconds, tossed it on the couch and asked me if I wanted her to be the woman getting gangbanged . I of course just said no. She picked up my phone again, and " shes having so much fun., what if i wanted too, could we?"
I saw the look in her eye and said, Yeah , I think it would be hot.
She shrugged.
" I knew you would say that" she said, and then told me to get out of the house.

1 month ago

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