I am always alone[comment if you want] and I am always having thoughts of what if I could do it again,school you know as a fantacy not really class you know in the fantacy all of my teachers[or look-alikes of them at the time] would all be sitting there, stand strip and dance as I watch[I am a guy I had good looking women teachers okay] I have been masturbating every time I think of them doing that, it's okay to masturbate

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  • I had a history teacher
    Pretty brunette Dutch bitch
    I would love to breed her porcelain skinned petite figure and cum in her pussy every night til she’s caring my babies. I was her best student she deserves the most loyal genes mixing in that Cunt

  • It's all about gettin' it. You know. It's all
    About the sex. It's all a man could want.

  • ¿ Is еvеrуоnе океi щiтн тне тноцgнт оf а
    zомбiе cомing in оn тнем. аnотнеr тнing
    тнат's nот аnутнing то ъе аfrаid оf...


  • Okay thanks for the last comment whoever said zombies are real come off the lie they're not okay now for the person who believes zombies are real I would like to tell you they are not so you are telling a lie

  • Okay I just read the comment I didn't see it there before so tell me what you mean by zombies

  • Zombies are real.Believe me.

  • This comment is for the first zombie comment die and go to hell you son of a bitch but first go fuck your mother you motherfuckin' bastard motherfucker

  • Great. does anyone know a trained
    killer. i want one

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