Both did bad things

So my wife and I got back together after 6 months apart. She had been bitching about me getting a better job. It's not that my job sucked. Just that she couldn't just sit at home and spend money. It was one of those end of the world arguments. I left. Eventually she agreed she was being a selfish cunt (her words, not mine) and wanted to get back together.

So I asked how she paid the bills. She said she invited someone to stay. I asked if it was one of her friends. She said not really. I asked who it was. She said, "Bill from work. He needed a place to stay anyway." I said, "He take that spare bedroom?" She said, "You really want to know? We just got back together." I said, "Yeah I really want to know. I can't be mad about something that happened while we were separated." She said, "Well, he stayed in my room with me." I said, "So you guys had sex?" She said, "Yes." I said, "a lot?" She said, "Yeah. A lot." I said, "How often is a lot?" She said, "Just about every day." I said, "Damn that is a lot." She said, "What about you?"

I said, "I stayed with Richard." She said, "I don't know who Richard is." I said, "One of the guys from work." She said, "That's not what I asked." I said, "But that's my answer." She said, "I want to know if you had sex with anyone. Not whose house you stayed at." I said, "I stayed at Richards house. His one bedroom house." She said, "You had sex with Richard?" I said, "Yep." She said, "How often." I said, "You won't get mad?" She said, "No." I said, "3 months before we split up. Nearly every day."

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  • This is kinda like when my wife and I split up.Except I moved out and didn't get to sleep with anyone else.A male friend of hers moved into the spare room,don't think he even needed a place to stay.He's just had the hots for my wife for years and wanted to bang her.And I guess with me out of the picture he made his move and my wife would've got super horny with me not around.When I heard he was staying there I just knew it would happen.To make things worse I went to ours late one night,parked down the road,saw the guys car next to my wife's.Then looked through the window to the lounge and saw this guy fucking my wife on my leather sofa.He was definitely having his dirty way with her,fucking her from behind,poking a finger in her bum (she's never let me do that) flipping her over fucking her pussy then slapping his big cock in her face (he was definitely about 9 inches) then stuffing it in her mouth making her suck it then back in her pussy spreading her legs wide to push it in all the way.He fucked her hard in this position until I saw her cum then he carried on till he shot his whole load in her.He lay on top kissing her then sat up on the sofa,my wife stood up,I could see the sweat glisten on her sexy body and then I could see the cum on her neatly trimmed pussy and her lips then she bent forward and looked at her pussy and i could see the cum start to run down her legs.She left the room and then i heard the shower go on then the guy watched my tv naked on my sofa.I wondered if he'd fuck her again that night.I had also grown very hard in my pants.I left and went back to the place i was staying and in the room took my pants off,there was quite a bit of pre cum on my dick so i had a nice long wank thinking about my wife taking that huge cock in her.

  • Hahaha good punch line.

  • Ok, so you both leveraged the situation.

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